Snow Removal

This storm has been a tough one from the perspective of snow removal. With all storms, we focus on main corridors of traffic flow first and then move to side streets and cul-de-sacs. However, the nature of this storm has required the crews to stay on the main corridors for much longer than normal and in many cases they are just now getting to other streets.

If you feel your street has not received the attention it deserves, please call our Customer Service Division tomorrow morning after 10 a.m. and give them your address. Customer Service can be reached by calling 311 or 801-852-6000.

A special shout out to our crews who have worked many hours the last few days and are doing a fantastic job with limited resources. You can also read more about the snow removal process in this city newsletter from a couple years ago.

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  1. I am glad you made this post. My husband works for the city and we have not seen him for more than a couple hours a a time this entire holiday season. My kids went without there dad for Christmas eve and Christmas and he missed many important family events. I am glad it is appreciated and I hope everyone remembers that they have families too and sacrifice a lot to remove streets for the public. safety.

  2. This is a great post because even though people think that the snow removal services are lazy, I know that they are just busy, especially with how much snow they have gotten this year.
    Residential Snow removal

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