2012 Accomplishments–Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Department consists of several divisions–Human Resources, Finance, Accounting/Budget, Facilities, Information Systems, and the Justice Court. Here are just a few of its top accomplishments from 2012: 
  • Human Resources–Implemented a new online training program for employees covering topics such as safety, customer service, and ethics; transitioned three major approval processes to paperless systems; and trained over 160 employees in the FranklinCovey Speed of Trust leadership development program.
  • Finance–Transitioned to electronic storage all checks, budget documents, wire transfer requests, supporting documentation, and journal entries from July 1, 2011, to present.
  • Facilities–Expanded the size of the Brinton Black Box Theater at the Covey Center for the Arts, giving more patrons the opportunity to see the popular performances; and installed a new roof at the Peaks Ice Arena.
  • Information Systems–Implemented a new public safety information system called Spillman to improve responsiveness and coordination between Provo police and other law enforcement agencies; moved city employees to a cloud-based email system to reduce operating costs and ensure availability in a disaster; and replaced a patchwork of wireless networks in the City Center with a single network for improved employee collaboration and public use.
  • Justice Court–Using a state-funded grant and a generous donation, purchased a fingerprinting machine to keep up with the growing criminal caseload and the requirement that fingerprints be taken with every criminal case. The LiveScan fingerprinting machine uses digital technology and does not require the use of ink. It improves the functionality of the courthouse and eliminates the need for defendants to go somewhere else to get fingerprints taken.
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