A Complicated Report Made Simple

Our current city financial report is 141 pages long. The report is generated in large part to satisfy State requirements and by necessity goes into great detail. Despite our best efforts, it’s nearly impossible for residents to make heads or tails of the particulars in it. It’s difficult to claim transparency if the report we are putting out there is too complicated to understand. 
Last night in council meeting our Finance Department announced a new report. The report is only 11 pages and full of graphs and charts. I believe it is a bold step in transparency. I invite the close scrutiny of our residents. Provo your city and we need to be spending the money in a way that is not only in harmony with your wishes but also in a way that makes it easy for every resident to see the details.
The report is called the Popular Annual Financial Report and can be found on our web site.
A big shout out to our Finance Department for putting this together.
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  1. That was surprisingly fun to read, it would be nice if I could have something like this to compare the spending to other cities.

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