32,000 Easter Eggs

Provo’s annual Easter Egg Hunt just got bigger! 
With the combined efforts from BYU, Provo’s egg hunt will have over 32,000 Easter eggs, more than 60,000 pieces of candy, and over 60 grand prizes! This will be Provo’s biggest Easter Egg Hunt ever!
The egg hunt is open to children ages 10 and under. Come on Saturday, March 30th at 9:30 am for activities including inflatables, Easter crafts, and a chance to meet the Easter Bunny, Zippy, and Cosmo. The egg hunt will begin immediately following the activities at 10:30 am. 
After the egg hunt, there will be a free spring football game in the LaVell Edwards Stadium.
The map below shows you where you can park and enter the Robison Track area for the Easter Egg Hunt (1600 N Canyon Road). Parking is available at the LaVell Edwards west and south parking lots.
Please RSVP for the event here. For more information, contact Eric Layland at 801-852-6636
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  1. jjp

    The link for the RSVP is bad.

    1. The link is working now.

  2. This event looks awesome! Thanks so much for blogging about it!

  3. I feel like a celebrity. Thanks for the post!

  4. We attended the hunt at Lavell Edwards Stadium last year and it was the worst experience we have EVER witnessed. We had to explain to our children why they only had two eggs each (the oldest sibling was able to grab a couple and then split them with the other two) and several adults walked away with full sacks. I had two adults in the 2 and under section grab eggs right out from under my slow almost 2 year old’s hand. Are you kidding me!?

    The entire scene was horrifying. The lady next to me had a 4 month old baby as her only child and she said, “I don’t care if it is for kids. I gave birth so I deserve the prizes!” Needless to say, we will not be attending.

    Our advice… no adults allowed. Period. If your kid isn’t old enough to walk and pick up an egg, they aren’t old enough to participate. Adults should not be touching the eggs.

  5. Not to be negative, but I have to say, we experienced the same thing with unthoughtful adults when we went to Thanksgiving Point’s Hunt last year. Although, they had the “no adults allowed” rule last year and the adults didn’t listen because the little kids started fighting and the parents really wanted the “golden eggs”. Maybe if the prizes aren’t in the eggs, but in a separate raffle or something, that might help? I was really disappointed, and I didn’t care about what was in the eggs… just sad to see adults run over little children. Otherwise, it all sounds fun. 🙂

  6. My husband told me he was worried about that happening with our 2-year-old this year. I said I was hoping the hunt would be divided up by ages because obviously an 8 year old can actually look and hunt for them where as a 2 and 3 year old need them to be more out in the open. Maybe different sections separated by ropes for the different ages and the eggs hidden accordingly? Is this going to be the case? If it is going to be a free-for-all I’m not so sure how interested we are.

    1. The Easter Egg Hunt will be split up into 3 age groups. 0-3, 4-6, and 7-10.

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