Provo Flag Overhaul

One of the things I have enjoyed as mayor is seeing Provo consistently ranked in the top cities for a variety of important factors.
Imagine my disappointment to learn that out of 150 cities, we were ranked 143rd for our flag. Check out the rankings here.

Our city flag is in dire need of an overhaul. We are currently in the process of redesigning the flag and I would love to hear your suggestions.

To help get the creative juices flowing, here are some flag-design tips from the North American Vexillological Association:

-Keep it so simple a child can draw it.
-Use symbols unique to a city or area.
-Limit colors to three that contrast well.
-No lettering or seals on flags.
-Make it distinctive from other flags.

Please comment if you have any ideas for our new flag!

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  1. Use the brand mark.

  2. And I disagree with the NOrth American Vexillogical Association. Put the new logomark on the flag with the word Provo.

  3. I think brand consistency is important to brand recognition. I think a modification of the logo would be great! Use the circle on a white plain, or spread out the landscape and fill in the space to make a full rectangle. If you only wanted 3 colors, you could make the sky and the water blue, but I think the 4 colors together are nice.

  4. Use the logo that is on everything else

  5. I’m working on a design that I’ll email to you that incorporates the logo, but isn’t just the logo.

    1. Thanks Glen. I’m anxious to see your design for the flag.

  6. I agree consistency is great. I think the logo just as you’ve got it in the banner of this blog would be perfect. Including the Welcome Home.

  7. Get a professional designer to come up with a few options or at least get in touch with the Graphic Design department at BYU. There is a lot of free/cheap talent there among students and faculty.

    1. Skyler, these are great! Thank you for the design ideas.

    2. Of course! If you ever want some people to come and sit down and talk about it, I would love to come and take part.

    3. These are great. Good job Skyler! I like the first one, but I also like the border that says “Provo, UT” at the bottom. Maybe that could be added in green to the top flag (or gray, if you’re willing to do 4 colors). Or maybe even break up the circle border by using all 3 colors – make the part of the circle match the color closest: yellow at the top, green small side pieces, and the bottom and text blue.

  8. I feel like the best flag would probably just be the circle logo on a white background, but then we might be faced with changing the flag if we change our logo again.

    Really, this seems like the kind of thing that our elementary school students should get to be a part of. If a kid has to be able to draw it, then why not let a kid design it? I know that they might not be the best designers, but our flag would mean more if it was designed by a kid (or derived from the ideas of a few kids) from Provo.

    1. Louise

      That already happened (when I was a Provo school kid 35 years ago). A winning design was chosen and used for a bit and then quietly shelved for the current design. ­čÖé

  9. I’d like to have a go at this! I am a graphic design student at BYU.

  10. Wow, the current flag is pretty hideous, isn’t it? I don’t know how it beat out Lubbock. I think Skyler is really close with his suggestions. It seems he left one combination off his post though…

  11. Skyler always has amazing designs. I would feel comfortable to just choose one of his and call it good!

  12. My name is Jason Bates, and I have met with and emailed multiple members of your staff about the flag issue in the past year. I would love to go over with you some of the designs I have made (both incorporating the logo and not) for a new flag for Provo. I have been anxiously awaiting word back about this, but haven’t heard anything. This being said, I think that in addition to the rules set forth by NAVA (North American Vexillilogical Association) I have some ideas about what a good local city flag should have.

    Local flavor
    Long term potential

    While I think that ‘logos’ are fine and good, it seems like not the best approach to a flag. Please, contact me if you can about this issue, I am passionate, available, knowledgeable, and eager to help with this issue.

  13. Here’s my take on it

    The Blue line represents the provo river which flows through the city

    the white triangle, the mountain peaks
    the yellow lines, the twin virtues of hard work, and charity, found abundantly in the city

    also yellow represents honey, the fruits of the bee, ties it into utah, and also the fruits of industry

    the star ties it into america, and the patriotism abundant in the city, evidenced by the yearly freedom festival.
    also a reference to learning, education has played a big part in the history of provo.

  14. Marie-Luise Smith

    I don’t like either of the designs. They are boring and do not depict anything recognizable about Provo (well maybe the triangle could be a mountain.


    In todays interview with Mayor Curtis there is the most beautiful logo on the glass door behind him that would be a perfect flag for Provo!! It has mountains and a bright sun and looks positively uplifting….why look any further…it’s right there in plain sight! That would be the best and perfect choice for our flag!

  16. Chandler Balkman

    Please Do not use the current logo or color scheme. That’s bad flag design. It will be outdated in 10 years, I guarantee it. Besides, it hardly fits the long history of Provo. Provo need a flag that no one will make fun of 50 years from now. Good flag design stems from heraldic tradition, making use of a limited set of bold colors, not trendy shades that blend well. Red, yellow, green, blue, purple, orange, black, white, with limited exceptions.

    I designed this a while back:

    Design rationale:

    Provo has 2 distinct mountains, squaw peak (lower chevron) and the taller Y Mountain (higher chevron). Provo has two major bodies of water: Utah Lake and Provo River (represented by blue stripes). Provo is very patriotic, with its annual freedom festival, hence the red rounding out the blue and white.

  17. Sandy

    The logo that is on the utility bill would be great on a flag.

    Pr (round;mountain, sky and river) ovo
    Welcome Home
    Three colors in circle plus Provo in black Welcome home could be black or blue

  18. Mj

    It is better to go with traditional designs rather than some of the trendy ones that I have seen on here. Yes, they might be great now, but they are dated designs and in 10 years or so, will need to be upgraded Just my two cents worth. I have been a professional graphic designer for over20 years now.

  19. Mj

    Speaking of the Skyler designs..just to clarify.

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