Our Trees Are Growing Up

Provo Power gives away trees once a year to shade homes and reduce energy consumption. Like orphaned children and abandoned pets, I love to see the trees go to good homes where they will be well cared for. The owner of these trees in southwest Provo sent me these photos last year along with this note:“Mayor, I have taken some pictures of our small yard and garden to send to our son and his wife since they will not be visiting this sumer. I thought you would be interested in these three trees, because they are part of the city free shade tree program. It has been worth the wait to see them grow up. They are not only very beautiful but now are fulfilling their shade function.”

If you have central air conditioning – you can qualify to get a free tree too!Lowering your energy consumption by shading your home will save you money and help the utility by reducing the need to purchase expensive power, especially at peak times.

Submit the online form, here to see if you qualify!

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