Tomorrow Provo City will be making an announcement. I made the mistake of referring to it as epic in an invitation and the town is a buzz with speculation.

I’m not sure it will be viewed by everyone as epic but for me it will be the single largest accomplishment of my professional career. It should be of no surprise that something of this nature has also come with a large amount of stress. I wake each night several times worried about how it will be received by residents.

Hopefully you will be able to attend, but if not you can watch the announcement live on Channel 17.

Many residents have been guessing what the announcement could mean for Provo — rumors are flying!
I thought it would be fun to share some of the speculations that have been floating around:
-The winning design for the new Provo flag
-New MLM Complex
-Airline service to LA and Las Vegas
-Finishing the “B” and the “U” on the Y Mountain
-Disney Land is leaving Orlando and moving to Provo
You can view more rumors that have been trending on twitter: twitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=%23ProvoEpicAnnouncement&src=hash
The Daily Herald even has a poll on their website to see what people would be most excited for!
What would you be most excited to see happen in Provo?
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  1. A pro football or bringing in the pony races maybe the selling of lotto tickets…any of the 3 would bring HUGEEE REVENUE…

  2. If Provo is getting Google Fiber and that is the “epic” announcement then that will be as disappointing as the Target/Circuit City development plan that never happened. Talk about anti-climatic!

    1. Sure, some will think it’s anti-climatic. But Mayor Curtis I hope comments like these don’t get you down, should the announcement be Google Fiber.

      I can assure you, as someone who works in the tech sector, we are ALL on the edge of our seat hoping that that’s what the announcement will be.

      I live downtown and have been thrilled to watch the new construction/renovations. As our Provo launches into its exciting new phase of growth I can honestly tell you that nothing could promote innovation, development, or job growth faster than a city-wide fiber network!

      The companies that would suddenly take interest in Provo, the entrepreneurship scene that would blossom even more, and the demand for business space with the blazing connection would all contribute more to the economic growth of the city than a new airline service, office building, or even a large housing tract.

      I hope it’s Google Fiber, and anyone who thinks that’d be a let-down probably hasn’t seen what comes when a city gets hooked up with Fiber.

    2. Funny you say that…there wasn’t much growth the first time the fiber optic network was up and running. Maybe that was because it was unreliable and never lived up to its billing. Maybe Google will do it right this time.

    3. This article alludes to the dismal experience Provo had with its previous attempt at a fiber network:


      This is why another such announcement (for me at least) is a bit anti-climatic. Mayor Curtis wasn’t responsible for the last mess associated with the fiber optic network and I wish him better success with Google than his predecessor had with iProvo.

  3. A whitewater park on the Provo river with scheduled water releases!

  4. A ski resort in Provo would be pretty exciting!

  5. we have been speculating at our house. these would be “epic”: ski resort finally on our mountain; major airline coming to the airport. other less epic ideas: something about mass transit, bike lanes like BYU has been talking about; major destination hotel plus expanding the convention center; bridge over Utah lake…..oh nevermind, that would be stupid.

  6. It has got to be new city office building

  7. Keep guessing. BTW, not even my wife knows.

    1. so we haven’t guessed yet?

    1. Mayor Curtis, I want you to deny this one…I’d love for this to be here, but I don’t know if it’s the caliber of “epic”

    2. Come on Jim that Would be EPIC to have gigabit upload and download!

  8. Preface: I am a huge downtown development advocate and would love to hear something about hundreds of new housing units being built in the CBD or possibly a new tallest building being announced with a well known national company relocating their headquarters here. These types of announcements would be “epic” for our fair city in my mind…

    however, that being said…

    “Epic” is relative. What may be epic in my view regarding development may not be epic for someone that love technology advancement.

    I am 99% certain that Google Fiber will be the announcement tomorrow at 1:30. And while many may not see this as being epic, it will spur further economic development and put us on the map nationally and could ultimately spur building development resulting in hundreds of new housing units downtown as well as additional high-rises flanking our small but growing skyline.

  9. I suspect, and with good reason, that this has all been some overdone public relations trick. I predict a greatly disappointing announcement.

  10. I’ll be watching with great anticipation to see what the announcement is. Regardless of whether or not it’s Google Fiber, I must admit I’m amazed that some people think that wouldn’t be epic. That would be huge, and I’m pretty sure I can say that objectively!

  11. My money is on Google Fiber and that will be epic enough for me.

  12. I am shocked that people don’t think Google Fiber would be Epic. If this is the announcement it would be a huge win for Provo. The base program is $300 to install internet in your home and then no payments for a minimum of 7 years. How is that anti-climatic? Provo has a large amount of low-income families. This would be huge to those people. Most are paying at least $25 month for internet. With Google you can pay $25 for a year and then nothing for 6 years.

  13. Not sure where you got your facts but on the Google fiber website it says it will be $70/mo for the internet service alone… The $300 is the construction/installation fee. Am I missing something?

  14. Ahhhh You are talking about the 5mbps and not the 1gbps.

  15. DisneyWORLD is in Orlando. Disneyland is in Anaheim, CA.

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