Google Fiber + Provo = EPIC

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Today, I did something that just two other U.S. Mayors have had the pleasure of doing – I announced that Google Fiber intends to make Provo its third “Google Fiber City.”
This is, as they say, “big news.” It allows us to finally implement a viable solution to the city’s ongoing iProvo troubles, a personal goal of mine since taking office. But it’s much bigger than that. This agreement, if ultimately approved by the City Council, means Provo will be one of the first cities in the world to have universal Internet connectivity in nearly every home.
Google Fiber is dedicated to providing affordable, accessible Internet because they recognize the overwhelming benefits to education, economic development and quality of life in connected communities.
As early as 2004, City leaders also recognized the importance of empowering Provo residents, small businesses and nonprofit organizations through technology. Frankly, I like to think that’s why Google Fiber chose Provo as its third “Fiber City” – they see in us the innovative spirit and the desire to provide the tools and resources to allow us to realize our vision for the community.
Unfortunately, while we’ve had the desire, we haven’t had the technical know-how to operate a viable high-speed fiber optic network for Provo residents. So, as early as 18 months ago, I started looking for a private buyer for the iProvo network. We issued a Request for Qualifications and a Request for Proposal and even hired a private consultant to guide our efforts. (I wrote about those efforts in July 2011 in the following blog post:
Under the agreement announced today, Google Fiber is committed to helping Provo realize the original vision. If the deal is approved, Google Fiber will offer free Internet service at approximately the same speed you have now at home. The value of that one element alone cannot be overstated – nearly every one of Provo’s 115,000 residents could soon have free Internet access in their homes for at least seven years. There will be a one-time $30 activation fee, but that’s it.
In addition, Google Fiber will commit to upgrade the iProvo network to Gigabit technology. That means access to the Internet at up to 100 times faster speeds than today’s average broadband speeds. The company will also finish network construction along the existing network and provide free Gigabit Internet service to 25 local public institutions including schools, hospitals and libraries.
I hope that you’re as excited as I am and that you join with me in welcoming Google Fiber into our community. I recognize you’ll have questions about the agreement and exactly what it means for you and your family. Between now and next Tuesday’s City Council meeting, we’ve scheduled a series of community meetings to address all your questions. Representatives of Google Fiber will join me and other city officials at six meetings across Provo to discuss the agreement in greater detail. I hope you’ll attend one of these gatherings:
Thursday, April 18
7:30 p.m.
Edgemont Elementary School
566 E 3650 N
Provo, UT 84604
Friday, April 19
5 p.m.
Spring Creek Elementary School
1740 Nevada Ave.
Provo, UT 84606
Saturday, April 20
8 a.m.
City Council Chamber
351 W. Center Street
Provo, UT 84601
Monday, April 22
1 p.m.
City Council Chamber
351 W. Center Street
Provo, UT 84601
5:30 p.m.
Lakeview Elementary School
 W 1390 N
Provo, UT 84601
7:30 p.m.
Lakeview Elementary School
2899 W 1390 N
Provo, UT 84601

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  1. WooHoo! I’m so looking forward to this.

  2. John! Good on you man! I for one do feel that EPIC is an accurate adjective! Since I own a home in Provo and live close to both downtown and the City Center Temple, I couldn’t be more excited for the direction you are taking this city of ours! Thanks!

  3. Nice job. I told several people that the only thing you could announce that would really get me excited was if Google Fiber was coming to Provo… and you nailed it!!!

  4. Wow! that is great! Thank you for your efforts in making this happen!

  5. Hey John. I sent you an email back on February 10, 2010 asking you to apply to Google Fiber. Thanks for reading my email! 😀

  6. There is a $300 construction fee payable in one lump sum or as 12 easy payments of $25, according to

    1. The about page focuses on other cities. The price below is the one for Provo

    2. Erin – Thank you for posting.

      Come to one of our scheduled town hall meetings and learn about the specifics of the deal with Provo. You’re likely reading what was done in Kansas City and/or Austin.


  7. What does that mean to those who have entered into a two year agreement to avoid paying the $600 installation fee?

    1. Dewey – Come to the town hall meetings and we’ll get all your questions answered.


  8. Good work, Mayor Curtis and all of the other workers who are and will be involved.

    1. Mar – Please come to one of the town hall meetings. We’ve set them up to address all your concerns.


  9. Will it reach the East Lakewood neighborhood? We couldn’t get iProvo.

    1. Michele – Come to one of the town hall meetings. The agreement is to get you and the other residents connected.


  10. Congratulations on a fantastic accomplishment, John. There is no doubt that the benefits of this will be realized in so many ways.

    A proud friend,
    Jeff Knowles

  11. Will Google Fiber be available to the many thousands of college students and on BYU campus?

  12. This is the most epic thing that could have possibly been announced.

    So exciting!

  13. Yay!!

  14. Holy Cow words cannot describe how excited I am for this! This is totally the thing Provo needs! Of course, I am stoked to have (basically) free, super fast internet as a college student. Thanks for making this happen! Also, that would be awesome if BYU had Google Fiber access as well.

  15. What does this mean for those of us currently getting home phone service on iProvo? Will Google Fiber be willing to offer something as archaic as home phone service? Some of us who do not consider home as a pit stop still use it!

    1. Stephanie – Come to one of the town hall meetings and we’ll get all your questions answered!

  16. jason

    Epic? yeah if you are a socialist and want everything for free and don’t care about putting countless technicans out of work from Comcast and other cable providers… epic fail more like.

    1. Matt

      you must be a technician for Comcast

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