Way Finding Signs

IMG_4737 Sign Family Overview


Stop by the City Center these next few weeks to take a look at a few preliminary way finding signs.

Community Development has been designing new signage that will implement Provo City’s branding and direct citizens around town.¬†Examples of the new signs include: Informational Kiosks, Parking Indicators, and Destination Identifications.

These mock-ups have been printed to actual scale so they can be taken out onto the streets to see how they will look in the community – to see if the signs are legible, size is functional, and the color choice is correct.

If you have any questions, suggestions or would like more information about the Way Finding Program contact:

Josh Yost

Community Development Planner



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  1. Sherrie Hall Everett

    Hoooorah!!! Good to see this moving forward…we talked about it for years….by the way….love them.

  2. Rachel Whipple

    This is great. So many people who go to downtown Provo, even some who work in shops there, don’t know about all of the parking that is available: they just assume that the limited amount of on-street parking is all there is. I’d also like to see some signs about bikes too. We aren’t allowed to ride on the downtown sidewalks, and drivers don’t seem to know that we have a right to the road too.

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