US-189 Construction Projects

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There are three upcoming  US-189 construction projects. As construction begins and projects progress, I will keep you updated on the construction. Here are the three projects:

1) Resurfacing Project 
Construction work on the Resurfacing Project from the Utah/Wasatch County Line to Deer Creek State Park is anticipated to begin on Sunday, June 16th. Resurfacing this area will extend the life of the road. Drivers can expect lanes to be restricted to one lane in each direction during construction (Sunday evening through Thursday evening). The project is expected to be completed within six weeks.

2) Deer Creek Reservoir Walls
Soil testing will occur on Wednesday (12th), Thursday (13th), and Sunday (16th) of this week in preparation for wall construction near the Deer Creek Reservoir. Short delays may occur on Wednesday and Thursday morning during soil testing/drilling work. There will be a shoulder closure on Thursday which could continue until work is completed early Monday morning. Sunday work will begin at 10 p.m. and will include a westbound lane closure until 6 a.m. Monday.

3) Safety Improvements
Design continues on the Safety Improvements project. Safety Improvements between Canyon View Park and SR-92 and at Canyon Meadows include left and right turn acceleration lanes, improved lighting and intersections, upgraded guard rails, and intersection advance warning signs at SR-92. More specific information (by intersection) is available on the the project website (click on the Downloads tab).

For more information visit the project website: or call the project hotline: (801)225-8966

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