Provo Parking


I hear lots of comments about parking. This week at least one area of Provo got some good parking news.

Starting July 1st passengers of FrontRunner can park their cars free of charge for an unlimited amount of time at the Provo station as part of a one-year pilot program. The day only policy of the past has been a problem for many including those riding to the airport.

Over the next year, UTA will measure parking lot usage and monitor costs, maintenance requirements, impacts to snow removal and security issues before determining if the program will be extended.

Thanks UTA for listening and giving us yet another reason to ride FrontRunner.

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  1. Scott

    Nice! Good move.

  2. Matt

    Good news! I look forward to the day that the UTA starts offering monthly passes for the FrontRunner only without having to upgrade to a premium pass. If traveling to and from North Temple four times a week, all month (working four 10s), it is cheaper to buy a round trip ticket every day than to buy a monthly pass. Let’s get a FrontRunner only monthly pass or perhaps even a re-loadable card with a discounted price (i.e. load on $120 for the price of $100.

  3. Parking news is great. Re-loadable pass would be sweet to.

  4. Rebecca

    This makes me happy. I don’t even use it, but it makes me happy.

  5. Winston

    I like to park there and ride the Front Runner to SLC and spend the weekend. Now I won’t have to worry about getting towed. Good on you Front Runner!

  6. Chris Otting

    I thought it was free already–oops.

  7. Jan

    How much does it cost?

    1. John

      Jan – You’re asking about cost but I’m not sure which specifically you’d like to know about.


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