Free Drop-off Recycling Program

sanitation trucks 2┬áProvo’s curbside recycling program is emptied every other week by Republic Services on the same day as regular garbage and yard waste. Though this is convenient for most areas, it isn’t for many people living in town homes and apartments.

Provo offers free locations throughout the city to drop off recyclable material for any and all Provo residents to use free of charge, students or otherwise.

recycling waste drop off locations

Years ago, if you were living in an apartment complex, the only options you had were to use your garbage dumpster or you could talk to your landlord/HOA about getting a specific container on the property for recycling. This wasn’t easy for many reasons, as complexes don’t have extra space and money for additional container pickups, and possible contamination when people put the wrong items in recycling bins.

These free drop off locations provide a great benefit for all residents and show that Provo is constantly improving. Living environmentally conscious has never been so easy.

These locations are:

Kiwanis Park- 820 N. 1100 E.

Fort Utah Park 200 N. Geneva Road

Western Metals 1776 S. Colorado Ave.

Provo Compost Station 1625 S. Industrial Pkwy (yard waste also)

The recycling program will accept items such as paper (junk mail, newspaper, books, magazines), cardboard (no waxy cover or food waste), plastics #1-7, milk jugs, metal cans, etc. Please visit the city website at for more information on accepted items.

If you are a Provo resident, and you would like to participate in the city’s curbside recycling or yard waste program, give Customer Service a call at 801-852-6000.

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  1. Brenden

    When are we going to get a solution for recycling glass?

    1. Mason

      There now is an option of dropping off glass at Target retailers.

      1. Brenden

        Really? Just in their parking lot I presume?

    2. Lee

      There is a glass recycle bin at the Pleasant Grove townhall. I’ve been hauling my glass bottles there on my way to Salt Lake.

  2. Lyn Chapman

    What about getting one in the northeast part of town? (Maybe at the Kiwanis/Timp/Bonous Park.) We don’t have a lot of apartments, but when you fill up your residential container well before the two week period is up, it would be nice to have better option than putting the recyclables in the regular garbage can!!

  3. Mason

    You can drop off your glass for recycling at kiosks just inside Target retail locations. The Orem location has 4 kiosks for different recycling needs, one is specifically for glass. Drop them off, and they empty the kiosks every night.

  4. Matt E

    Also, many people don’t know Best buy takes old TV’s/electronics as drop off. pick up available DI is the largest recycler in the state, however.

  5. Jeannie

    I love thong underwear.

  6. Linda Manning

    It would be nice if the city would make a concerted effort to empty the recycle bins at Kiwanis Park. Every time we go there to recycle, the bins are so full you can’t drop anything off unless you just dump it in the parking lot, like a lot of people do. And where did the glass bins go that were at the rec center???

  7. ash

    Thanks for the information!

  8. Marsha B. Hosford

    This has been informative.

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