Rock of our Foundation


Do you remember the archaeological excavation of the original Provo tabernacle which is located just north of the current tabernacle?
All that was left of the original tabernacle which was razed in 1919, was the sub-surface foundation walls of the basement. The Church generously donated these foundation rocks to the city and the city has found a home for them in several very appropriate places.
Many of these rocks are now used as landscape rocks in Pioneer Park. If you haven’t been to Pioneer Park lately it’s time to make a trip. The new splash pad, the Farmer’s Market, the foundation rocks and the beautiful trees are all good reasons to stop by and see the new look.
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  1. Cynthia

    Is that a marker I see telling these are the foundation stones?
    Where else are they found?

    1. John

      The rocks are also found in the DUP monument near Fresh Market on 500 West, the gun range, and a few are going to be added to Franklin Park.

  2. Lovely! It’ll be great to visit them, and consider their source and original purpose. This seems like a good time and place to say that I want to see the splash pad in Pioneer Park have a Sabbath-observing rest on Sundays. I see this as an appropriate expression of both our heritage and our gratitude fir our remarkable city. I bet these rocks agree. 🙂

    1. And you can tell I’m a true Utahans by my use of the word “fir.” 😉

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