Update from China


My trip to China is soon over and I am only now having a chance to slow down and share some thoughts. As mayor I have struggled knowing how much to invest in sister city relationships. This trip has helped me put the relationships in prospective.

Sister city relationships are important. Not so much from a “what’s in it for us” view but rather as an opportunity to learn and share with others. This week I’ve dined, played and talked with cities from China, Malawi, Australia, Colorado, Equatorial Guinea, Thailand, Poland and Malaysia. All of these conversations have given me ideas and motivated me in many ways.

I’m pictured above with City Council Chair, Gary Winterton standing next to the tree planted here in September of 2000 by Mayor Lewis Billings.

Funding of the relationship remains a challenge and both Gary and I made sure no tax payer money was spent on our trips.

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