A Life Saved


Thanks to Gretel Cosman for sharing this story with me:

On Labor Day, my 35-year old, healthy husband collapsed from cardiac arrest in our home. I heard him fall and ran in to see him seizing. He stopped breathing and lacked a pulse so my sister began CPR.

Provo Police Officers arrived within minutes, and skillfully took over the CPR. The paramedics arrived promptly after that. The paramedics had to shock my husband four times to get him back, then intubated him and quickly transported him to UVRMC.

The doctors could not find a reason that the cardiac arrest had occurred – he has a strong heart, and they could only determine that it was not a “plumbing” issue, but an “electrical” one. His cardiologist, Dr. Wang, emphasized to us that 97% of people who experience cardiac arrest don’t even make it to the hospital alive, and of that remaining 3%, most don’t fully recover (brain damage, etc.). Due to the heroic efforts of the six men that responded, doing expertly what they had been trained to do, my husband is not only alive, but he is up and back to work this week.

Special thanks to Provo Police Officers Newell and Uipi, Fire Captain Jeremy Millet and Paramedic Firefighters Devan Tandy, Chad Frisby, and Kagen Knudsen.  For myself and our two young children (ages 3 and 1), these men have given us our husband and father back for a long, full life ahead. Not a day will go by that I don’t give a silent prayer of thanks for their service in letting my children grow up with their father here by their side.

The entire event can be found on Gretel’s blog.

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