Election Day

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Some folks enjoy Super Bowl Sunday evenings. For me and my family, Election Night is our Super Bowl. There’s nothing like sitting down with a bowl of popcorn with friends watching precinct returns as they’re published. The thought makes me giddy with excitement.

Below is some Election Day-related information you might be interested in. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions about locations that aren’t answered here.

Have fun today with your honks and waves, last minute phone calls, and door poll watching. Be safe out there and “may the odds be ever in your favor.”


To find your voting precinct and polling location please go to maps.provo.org, type your address in the upper left hand corner, and click on the “My Polling Place” link. You can also view a precinct map here.

Sample Ballots

Election Map

After the polls close, watch for results on Provo City’s own election result map, electionmap.provo.org. The election results will also be broadcast on Channel 17 all night long.

This online map provides up-to-date totals and breakdowns by precinct of the election results. Use the drop down menu to select a race or loop through all the races automatically by checking the checkbox.

where to watch returns

I’ve reserved the Council Chamber in the City Center this evening starting at 8:30 pm if you’d like to join me and my family in watching the results come in.

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