New Towing & Booting Ordinance

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Last night at the City Center, the Provo Administration and Members of the Municipal Council voted to unanimously pass an ordinance that will begin bringing balance back to the protection of property in the City.

As you know, we’ve worked diligently together to come up with language that protects the property rights of landowners and vehicle owners. With the consent of the council we were able to codify a year and a half worth of hard work.

The proposed ordinance is the result of hours of meetings with property owners, potential investors in our city, towing companies, state and local leaders, and an administrative team.

And while we haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, I feel the outcome is a significant move in the right direction for Provo, its residents, and our community.

Gene Kennedy with Fox 13 had good coverage of the evening.

Maybe now I can get a little rest and do some Christmas shopping!

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  1. Dallin Smith

    Thanks! All the changes in Provo are being noticed. I think what has been done is incredibly impressive.

  2. Ryan

    Only a step in the right direction. Next issue is allowing enough Street Parking for the amount of residences you have. IE, Seven Peaks Blvd and other streets where there are more people than there are parking spaces, yet no houses. The permitting to park on the street in that neighborhood is big government at its worst! It’s unethical to ticket residents without giving them enough parking, just like it’d unethical for landlord’s to do the same on their properties. Why Seven Peaks Blvd is as wide as I-15 but only a 2 Lane road that doesn’t allow for parking is beyond me

    1. Liz

      It’s so people will have to park in the 7 Peaks Waterpark lot and they can charge their ridiculous price for that.

      1. Christine

        I live in a house down the street from Seven Peaks and throughout the summer it is impossible for us (or our friends and family) to park in front of our OWN house. We’ve even had neighbors’ driveways blocked so they can’t move their car all day. It is absolutely ridiculous how much Seven Peaks patron parking interrupts ours and all our neighbors’ lives. It’s so dirt cheap to get into the park, I see no reason why using the Seven Peaks parking lot would be that difficult to use. If patrons lack common curtosy, I’m happy to see “big government” stepping in!

  3. Ivani

    G R E A T !!!

  4. Jeffrey

    Thank you so much Mayor Curtis! Your hard work is greatly appreciated!

  5. Ryan

    Thanks for everything you do Mayor Curtis! The students of BYU thank you!


    Thank you for standing up for the residents (and students) of Provo! This is a great initial step to try and prevent the bullying of residents by parking enforcement/towing companies. Me and many of my friends have been victim of predatory towing (being towed from your own parking spot, being towed because of incorrect directions from the property management, being charged amounts that exceed what is posted for the lot, being offered a slightly lower charge if we pay in cash to the tower, being towed in a matter of minutes because you are walking someone to their door, etc.) The towing companies use their possession of your car as ransom to make you comply with whatever they demand. Hopefully this new ordinance will prevent future bullying like this!

  7. Jay

    Thank you so much! I once parked improperly so I could get out and help an injured friend get to her apartment door and BAM within 2-3 minutes I had a boot on my car. I got back to my car as the car booter was driving away.

  8. Dave Knecht

    Totally awesome job Mayor. Please put a hard copy of your presentation into the City Record’s vault to preserve your hard work, so in five or ten years when someone wonders why the law was changed the reasons will still be clear.

  9. Alanna

    The predatory towing companies is a very accurate description indeed. I am employed at Sammy’s on 100 West and Center Street and without fail multiple times an hour there is a paticular a bit overweight employee of Knight Towing Company that checks the parking lot across the street behind Indian Place numerous times an hour. I would say about every 20 minutes he comes and checks. At any time of day and almost always towes someone’s car. He is basically staking out the parking lot. It’s beyond ridiculous at this point. I’m so glad something is finally being done and this problem will soon be resolved.

  10. Ricci

    My car was towed by University Parking out of my parking spot with my pass clearly hanging in the rear view mirror this last Saturday! When I asked why they stated I was obstructing a fire lane. I told them that I know I wasn’t and to please check the picture. The worker responded “oh yeah, you weren’t so I don’t know why they put that in the report. It looks like the front left bumper of your car was poking out a little too far and that’s why you were towed.” Is that even legal?! They predatory towed my car and it was selective as I was able to take 15 pictures in one night of other cars parked equal or worse to mine in the same complex! Can I do anything about this?!

  11. Ryan

    Dear Mayor Curtis,

    Thank you for efforts along with the council to come up with solutions to parking/towing in the city of Provo.

    I know it’s probably too specific but I have tried in vain to get the city to fix the parking issue with the Franklin Commons homes. We have 6 single family homes and 4 twin homes all sharing 470 south as their alley/garage access.

    We have 6 parking spaces which are between these homes but have been designated as guest parking only. Seeing as these are public parking spaces it would make sense that homeowners could park here as well as guests. We have such high density living in this area (14 homes overall and a few families have more than 2 cars so they park outside their garage) and forcing everyone to park out on 500 south or 500 west overcrowds the road access. We also share much of the road side parking with the business across the street from our homes and a number of their employees park directly in front of our houses so much of the street parking on our block is used up.

    It would be helpful if we could return these 6 parking spaces to General Purpose so residents and guests alike could park there. Or perhaps we could have the city charge residents/homeowners in the Franklin commons area for a parking pass. Those home owners that wish to have long term access to these spaces could be charged a monthly fee for use.

    It’s just a hassle that we can’t park next to our own homes without worrying about getting booted/towed.

    Not only that but because everyone parks out on the main streets (5th west and 5th south) when we have to take our garbage out to the road on Recycle days we have nearly 30 cans out there with parked cars… many of the cans block the entrance to 470 south.

    I just wish the city would allow some common sense for these common area parking spots.

    At the moment these spaces are vacant 90-95% of the time and go unused. Such a waste of parking next to our homes.


  12. @ Christine – It’s spelled courtesy. And you live next to an amusement park. Don’t like it? Then move. 🙂

  13. Roger

    Not to bring up old wounds but, given that the problem was basically a couple of companies, why are they still allowed to tow in Provo. It seems that if they were so bad that you had to write a new law that you would have banned them from operating in the city. Their owners and operators apparently have no moral aptitude and should be forced to make drastic changes. The changes you have made does nothing to impact them directly. I have recently been reading the law and basically it is nothing more than a way to say “hey you charge too much”. Again sorry it is a year later and this is being brought up.

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