2013 Reader Favorites!

You might be thinking, “Hey, I didn’t vote. How do you know these are my favorites?” Well, in a way, you’ve sort of been voting all year. I looked up the most popular posts based on page views and the results were interesting.

Here are the readers’ (yes you!) top 10 favorite, most read posts from 2013. Let’s get started.


#10 Everyone wanted to know how to get Google Fiber



#9 You all loved a dirty diet coke from Sodalicious



#8 A peculiar looking fellow was spotted downtown raising awareness about a recently passed ordinance preventing money being passed from an unparked vehicle to a pedestrian…



#7 A mysterious bridge started popping up around town…



#6 Provo Police Department confirmed that as a general rule our panhandlers are not homeless



#5 Everyone shared their stories from the September 7 Storm


opening the curtain

#4 I shared all of the “Epic” Announcement Speculations… #EpicProvoAnnouncement



#3 The day we closed the deal with Google Fiber…


Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 11.24.55 AM

#2 Google Fiber Announcement… #FiberProvo



#1 Everyone shared their towing and booting experiences

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  1. Brady

    YES! Towing/booting has been a big issue in Provo. I got towed just dropping my date off. Her apartment complex parking was full so I parked next door at the Elementary school parking lot on 9th East at 11pm. At 11:05 I was booted. BOO!

  2. Jeff

    I love these types of articles where the reader decides rather than the author. Very similar to the 2013 article Provo Buzz recently ran. Cool stuff!

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