Four More Years


Yesterday I took the oath of office. Of course, being a good politician, a speech had to follow.

The first thing I did to prepare was to listen to the remarks I gave on inauguration day four years ago. I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that has listened to it for a second time.

In that speech I said:

  • I’m humbled and excited to receive the trust of the Provo voters
  • Today I feel like the most blessed and lucky man in the world
  • In my opinion it is the best job in the world.

Today I feel exactly the same way. Serving as mayor of Provo is the most rewarding professional opportunity of my life.

I also said, “In the next four years you will see amazing things.” Wow, there is no way I could have known about most of the incredible events of my first term but I felt compelled to say it because I believe we have all the ingredients to make amazing things happen — awesome, skilled employees, a strong city council dedicated to making Provo great and most important – our residents.

It made it easy express yesterday once again that I think we are going to see amazing things in the next four years. In fact, I’m predicting an EPIC four years!


PS – One major difference between my two inaugural speeches was that the first one I printed in 12 pt font and yesterday’s had to be printed in 22 pt font in order to be able to read it.



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