Where Can I Fish in Provo?


I would like to thank Don Allphin for today’s guest post.

While visitors and new residents check out the great outdoor opportunities that await them in or very near Provo in the winter months, let’s not forget one of the most historic professions-turned-pastimes our city has to offer.  Fishing for personal use, for sport, and for profit has been a significant part of Provo’s heritage for literally hundreds of years.

Provo is blessed with a strikingly beautiful river that splits the city from the Provo Canyon to Utah Lake.  Native Americans chose its banks to make their camps, set their fish traps, and spend winters in its very hospitable climate.   Spanish explorers described Utah Lake as “crystal clear and teaming with fish.”

Later, the pioneers chose Provo among other reasons, for the water in the Provo River which they used for agriculture as well as industry.  They took advantage of huge populations of cutthroat trout and suckers in both the river and in Utah Lake.  Many families owed their very survival (when their crops failed) to the prolific fishery in the river and the lake.

Today, Provo still boasts an incredible fishing legacy.  In the winter months much of the fishing slows down but there are still two specific fisheries that produce quality catches even when it’s cold.

Provo River

The Provo River provides great fishing opportunities year-round.  In the late fall and early winter, the brown trout remain active and can be caught on fly and spinning rigs from below the Deer Creek Dam to Utah Lake. (Please note that the Provo River between I-15 and the Center Street Bridge is closed to fishing during March, April, and part of May to protect the walleye spawn.)

Species Available:

  • Rainbow trout
  • Brown trout
  • White bass
  • Walleyes

Utah Lake

Even though Utah Lake is no longer the “crystal clear” lake it once was, it is still an incredible fishery and is the favorite Utah destination for literally thousands of anglers from all over the country.  In the wintertime, fishing in Provo is limited to ice fishing in the State Park.  The marina area is home to many species of fish that readily bite during winter months.

Species Available:

  • White Bass
  • Walleyes
  • Blue Gills
  • Sun Fish
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Catfish

Both fisheries produce quality fish throughout the winter months.  Access to the Provo River is enhanced by using the trail system on its banks throughout the city and in the canyon.  Stable water levels create great runs that hold good numbers of trout both browns and limited numbers of rainbows. Ice fishing on Utah Lake should be consistent until the ice melts, usually sometime in late February to early March.  When the ice clears, the same species can be caught from the banks.

From its historic roots to present day, Provo has provided and still provides wonderful fishing opportunities very close to home.  For more information about fishing in Provo visit the community page on provo.org or email me at don@donallphin.com.

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