How to Save Money by Recycling


Provo has a fantastic every-other-week curbside recycling program for those who want to have the convenience of simply dropping recyclables into a blue can and rolling it out to the curb. What could be more simple while doing your part to make a difference in keeping a friendly environment for your families?

Not to mention, it is less expensive to recycle than it is to have extra black cans.

  • Did you know you get a $2 discount each month on garbage service when participating in recycling?
  • Did you know you save $11.75 a month when switching out 2 black cans for 1 black and 1 blue one?
  • Did you know that around 70% of household waste can usually be recycled?
  • Recycling can reduce waste, landfill use, and provide new items from old products while helping the environment.

How can you participate?

A friendly customer service rep can help you sign up for recycling at 311 or (801) 852-6000.


  • $4.75/month per blue recycling can ($2 automatic discount on black can service)
  • If you have a 2nd black can, switch one out for a recycling can to save $11.75/a month!

Containers                                                         Rate (Year-round)
1 garbage (black) cans                                     $14.50/mo
2 garbage (black ) cans                                    $29.00/mo
1 garbage (black) + 1 (blue) recycling           $17.25/mo

What can be recycled. (no sorting needed)

All plastic bottles #1-7, aluminum, tin/metal cans, paper products (books, newspaper, junk mail, magazines), cardboard boxes, milk cartons, and tied together plastic grocery bags. See more here »


  • Don’t put Styrofoam, glass, food or electronics in blue recycling cans
  • You can get a green can from the city specifically for food and yard waste
  • Cans picked up every 2 weeks, same day as black cans
  • Allow 3 feet of space around cans and have lid closed

Check out Provo’s website for more recycling information »


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  1. Our family has participated in Provo’s recycling program since Day One. My wife and I have made our home her for 34 years while raising a tribe of ten kids. We’re are committed environmentalists and practitioners of pioneer doctrines such as consecration and stewardship, as well as Brigham Young’s famous environmental radical environmentalism, which included living simply, using everything up, not letting anything go to waste. He preached that even our waste ought to be used to fertilize our gardens. So thank you for helping us live sound principles of sustainability in our dear Provo.

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