Utah Lake Rehabilitation

Utah Lake is a prime location for all sorts of summer recreational activities, but what many people don’t know is that crews are working year-round to help rehabilitate the lake’s natural ecosystem.┬áChannel 17 was able to get footage of the Utah Lake Carp Removal Program. In the video above you will see how the carp is being removed from Utah Lake.

The goal is to remove 75% of the carp and by doing so, the lake will be able to trip back over from its current state (an algae driven system) to a plant driven system — where we have rooted plants back in the lake. Rooted aquatic plants do a lot of good things for the environment, they help clean the water and provide a buffer for wave activity.

By removing 75% of the carp, the June Sucker, the Walleye and the more desirable fish will be able to thrive.

The carp removal program is currently 3 years into the process and it should take about 6-7 years total to knock the carp down to the 75% mark. They have been making a lot of progress but in order for Utah Lake to achieve their annual target, the removal program is planning on upping their efforts by getting a few more crews to help with the removal. With the additional crews, it should be 3 more years until they hit the target goal.

So keep your eye on Utah Lake — in a few years we will see a big difference!

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  1. A.J. Bobo

    What happens to the carp that are removed from the lake? The video shows them being thrown into a truck, but what happens from there?

    1. John

      Hi A.J.

      After the carp are hauled away, some are fed to mink, though most are composted into fertilizer.

  2. Tiffany

    Are there any real discussions about a thoroughfare or causeway that would extend over Utah lake to Saratoga areas? Also in 2015 there were reports of animals becoming ill from the polluted lake water. How is the city testing the water and how frequently to make sure its safe for residents?

    1. John

      Hi Tiffany,

      Mountainland Association of Governments adopted the TransPlan40 on June 5, which addresses our regional transportation needs. To continue to rely
      on infrastructure for automobiles, more costly corridors such as a bridge over Utah Lake will need future study. You can view the plan here: https://mountainland.org/site/articles/view/1510

      Utah State Park posts updates on the quality of the lake on their blog. You can read their articles here: http://utahlake.gov/caution-dangerous-algae-bloom-at-utah-lake/ and here: http://utahlake.gov/more-information-about-last-weeks-algae-bloom/

      This is also a great article on how you can help at Utah Lake: http://utahlake.gov/what-can-you-do-to-help-at-utah-lake/

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