Adult Softball Season


Baseball season brings back some tough memories for me. Let’s just say I was usually the last picked for the team and once picked I was quickly assigned to right field. It was felt that fewer balls went to right field so that’s where I could do the least damage. Never-the-less I do have some great memories of those days. The day I knocked the ball over everyone’s head and ran in for a home run and the day I backed up as fast as I could and jumped at the last second to catch the ball almost over the fence are memories that somehow crowd out all of the missed balls and swings that didn’t connect.

Adult Softball Leagues

You can keep your baseball memories alive by participating in Provo’s Park and Recreation Adult Softball Leagues. Softball is a great wellness activity for adults to enjoy with their friends and family and even employers see the benefits of active, engaged employees by registering a work sponsored team. The softball leagues consist of men, women, and coed teams and the games are held at Footprinter Park and Harmon Park.

There are leagues for various skill levels – D1, D2, Recreation, and Corporate.

  • D1-is for high level softball experience, some college level talent and higher.
  • D2 is for the participant that played 2+ years in High School.
  • Recreation is for the beginning softball enthusiast with some playing in youth leagues.
  • Corporate is reserved for Recreation level work teams.

Softball League Registration

Adult Softball season begins Monday, April 7. The cost of registration is:

  • Single Game League: $320 (10 games)
  • Double Header League: $555 (16 games)

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Register for your team online at or over the phone by calling the Recreation Center at 801-852-6600. Sign up soon, registration ends March 29!

Visit for more information on Provo’s Adult Sports.


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