Bring the World to Someone’s Doorstep!


This Saturday you can make a big difference in someone’s life! Join United Way on Saturday, March 22 for a special event, and enjoy a few hours helping us get more Provo families online.

Many local families don’t have regular access to the Internet. Think about the hundreds of ways you use the Internet in your daily life. Without Internet, it’s so much harder to search for job openings, check in on your children’s grades, or keep in touch with family far away.

Thanks to Google Fiber, we are very excited about the opportunity to provide Free Internet access to Provo residents. United Way needs your help to keep spreading the word about free Internet in Provo as they focus their efforts on those families most in need.

Volunteers Needed

Volunteers will meet at Dixon Middle School for a free breakfast and a brief training, and then divide up in groups and go talk to our neighbors. At noon volunteers will group back together for lunch, compliments of Google Fiber.
If you would like to participate, please fill out this form and feel free to share this with your friends. United Way will reach out with more details.
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  1. Brad Stone

    This event sounds like a good way to spread the word.

    There is a girl from my daughter’s school who comes over to our house to use the computer and Internet. She is a talented artist and is sharing her work with others online and having real success. Her family rents in a trailer park in Provo and can’t afford Internet access or even a computer to access the Internet.

    Hopefully her landlord has requested Google Fiber for the trailer court, but she hasn’t heard anything. I wonder if there are programs for such families to help them to obtain a computer once they have Internet access.

    Does anyone know of any? Would it make sense to spread the word about such a program when spreading the word about signing up for Internet?

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