Provo Photo Contest Winners!

I am excited to finally announce the winners of the Provo Photo Contest! I have been amazed by the amount of support and participation we have received. We had about 1,000 pictures entered into the contest!  It has taken us weeks just to download them, get them labeled, organized, and judged.

The top 150 photos are available for everyone to see in the following galleries: Provo Life Gallery, Provo Scenery Gallery, Provo Objective Details Gallery. You will find a description of each photo and a location marker identifying where the picture was taken.

Because we had so many beautiful pictures submitted, instead of just offering 1st place prizes, we have added a 2nd place prize, 3rd place prize and a couple Honorable Mentions! The Overall Best Photo will receive $500 + Sam’s Club Membership, 1st Place will receive $250 + Sam’s Club Membership, 2nd Place will receive $100, 3rd Place will receive $50, and Honorable Mention will receive $25. The Mayor’s Office will be contacting the winners through email.

I would also like to give a big thanks if you entered the contest. We will be awarding everyone who submitted a photo with a free day pass to the Provo Recreation Center! We have them available for you to pick up in the Mayor’s Office.

And now for the moment you all have been waiting for —

Overall Best Photo

Utah Lake Sunset_Lincoln Beach_Justin Soderquist

Congratulation Justin Soderquist for winning Best Overall Photo! We were so impressed by all of the photos you submitted for the contest – especially this one.

Update – 3/27/14 Here are a couple other photos that were in the running for Best Overall Photo by Justin Soderquist. He had so many amazing pictures of Provo, that it was hard to pick just one.

Golden Autumn Sunset Squaw Peak Overlook_Justin Soderquist Storm Cell from east lawn cemetary_justin soderquist

Provo life

FIRST PLACE PHOTODP-Bobs_30_andy earlPhoto by Andy Earl



Hot Air Balloon Sunrise_jim byranPhoto by Jim Byran



center street ocean mural_kim ashbyPhoto by Kim Ashby



Roasting MarshmallowsPhoto by Jason Williams


02 - moth and flame perform at velour_robbie petersenPhoto by Robbie Peterson


Provo scenery


View of South Provo at sunrise from nu skin_carey moorePhoto by Carey Moore



Blue Evening boardwalk bicentennial park_darrell deardenPhoto by Darrell Dearden



barn and tree at sunset 4525 N 100 E_sam blackhamPhoto by Sam Blackham



early morning fog from south east provo_sean jefferiesPhoto by Sean Jefferies


Soft Hues_at_Sunset_Utah Lake_christina bartholomewPhoto by Christina Bartholomew


Provo Objective Details


old trian bridge near independence ave_steve jibsonPhoto by Steve Jibson



Gates Snow Building_Matt JibsonPhoto by Matt Jibson



Memorial_Robert MackayPhoto by Robert McKay



Bridge Independence Ave RR_Spencer HuffPhoto by Spencer Huff


building graffiti_beau sorensenPhoto by Beau Sorenson

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  1. MOOS

    Ew. These photos look all grossly photoshopped and saturated beyond anything real. Good snaps, but overdone.

  2. Z

    Those are all pretty amazing.

  3. Maria

    Wow!! How on earth could you choose!?! Glad I wasn’t a judge—those photos were breathtaking!!

  4. Marcie

    If Darrell Dearden sees this, then I would LOVE to know the location of his shot! I feel like I’ve explored Provo a lot and I’ve never seen a spot like this, it’s beautiful 🙂

    1. Marcie, this is Darrell, happy to tell you. This was taken at Bicentennial Park. There is a little-known wetlands boardwalk in the south-east part of the park that is beautiful. You have to look hard for the entrance, but its there.

  5. Amy Alice

    To Marcie: It’s Bicentennial Park. There are a couple of walkways on the south end.

  6. Erin

    All great shots, yeah Jibson’s!!

  7. Lou

    Is the ski one at Sundance? If so that’s not Provo is it?

    1. John

      Hey Lou,

      The mountain range is Sundance.

  8. Trilby

    All stunning photos! Provo Proud!

  9. lynne

    All great, but Darrell really should have been in first place…amazing

  10. Marcela

    Amazing photos of an Amazing City! Good Job!!

  11. Mark Harris

    Very disappointed that basically all you chose were HDR style photography. Does not look like the panel judging were really experienced photographers.
    Hint for anyone participating next time…forget realism and go for all HDR painting style instead….

    1. Clark

      Congratulations to all those who won.

    2. Ruben

      Totally agree Mark. HDR can be done well, but its often done in a very unrealistic way, in this case, is pretty bad. Also the overall winner didn’t even have his photo in Provo, its a photo of Mapleton and Spanish Fork, ha ha.

      1. Clark

        Mark and Ruben I suppose you could do better? Where are your photos? Did you submit photos or are you two simply happy when you complain?

  12. Russell

    I agree with Mark, it looks like the judges picked out the ones with HDR photography or the ones with the craziest filters. I’m very disappointed.

  13. james

    what awful photos! yikes….maybe next time they should announce that it’s an HDR contest?

    1. Clark

      Congratulations to all of those that participated and were recognized, and were willing to put there excellent photos out there for everyone to appreciate.

  14. EGAnderson

    I hope there are more photo contests! So fun to participate.

  15. Clark

    Congratulations to all those that won.

  16. I know this is a year late, but I thought I’d just put in my $.02 about what photos were chosen.
    Ultimately it’s a photo contest and the judges chose those photos that were the most striking to them. They may not be your tastes. They may not be in accordance with the tastes of every professional photographer either. It’s all subjective, and that’s the wonderful thing about photography – there’s a ton that appeals to all kinds of different people.
    That being said, there are choices I agree with and those I don’t, but I respect those who made the decisions. HDR has been thrown around here as though it somehow makes a photo worse. That’s like saying that Ansel Adams’ stuff isn’t as good as Annie Leibowitz because he shot in black and white. HDR isn’t good or bad – it’s a tool that can be used to make a great shot or to make a poor shot. It’s all how you shoot and then process it.
    Now that I’ve gotten on my soapbox, I’m looking forward to this year’s contest!

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