Stutz Park – Design Open House

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Formerly owned by a botanist, the Stutz Park property consists of approximately 6.8 acres and has several large mature trees of uncommon species. Stutz Park is located at 531 West 3700 North, south of The Shops at Riverwoods and east of the Provo River in Provo.

Provo City has been creating a master plan that considers issues such as aesthetics, overall image, cost to construct and maintain, minimal disruption of the neighborhood and traffic during construction, design effectiveness, safety of persons and property, water conservation, outdoor recreation and effective use of available land. The master plan will include concept drawings, construction drawings, construction specifications and accurate cost estimates.

Open House

The public is invited to attend a Design Open House this Thursday, March 27, 2014¬†from 7:00 – 8:30 pm in the Provo Recreation Center’s Multipurpose Room. Three potential designs for Stutz Park will be presented at the open house. Residents will be able to give comments and feedback on the design.

The design for the park will incorporate as many existing Sequoia, Cedar, Evergreen, Linden, Ash, Maple, Hawthorne, and Walnut trees (among others) as possible. Under consideration for the park are: tennis courts, picnic areas, pavilions, a kayak/canoe drop off, playground, workout stations, open turf for recreation, and adequate parking.

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  1. rob allen

    Improving the river access with a kayak/canoe drop off and improved parking is a great idea. Increasing the size of the eddies and making a path or steps down to the river will really help access. The other park features will make this a wonderful place.

  2. Sherrie Hall Everett

    make it a botanical garden and haven for the city…honor the original vision of this park.

  3. Sherrie Hall Everett

    I think one of the great opportunities for Provo is to NOT make all of our parks “the same”…make them destinations, program them in interesting ways and they become great assets to the community. I really wish that we could have a great botanical park with beautiful trees, perennials, more on the natural side. Let do something like this…

    1. Steph

      I second the botanical gardens! Call in Piet Oudolf, who was in charge of the plantings behind the NY High Line, and Chicago’s Lurie Gardens and a host of other high profile gardens throughout the world! Okay, that might be a long-shot, but a girl can dream. But something along those lines would be fantastic.

  4. April Webb

    I would love to see something like Red Butte Gardens but on a much smaller scale. Mature trees, native landscapes… I think we have enough pavement and tennis courts, seriously.

  5. Melani

    Please put a CROSS WALK/STOP SIGN at 3700 N and Riverwood Drive!!!! So the kids in the local neighborhoods can cross SAFELY!!!!!

  6. Rachelle

    The Stutz family wanted a botanical garden type park. As a homeowner across the river, we assumed when we built our home that this would be so. A beautiful botanical garden would be honoring the Stutz family and would also please the surrounding neighbors and community.

  7. Steph

    The river is not high enough in this area for kayaking and rafting. It seems it is our responsibility to preserve the rivers natural habitat. Hasn’t the City already made a commitment to the Stutz Family that they need to honor. I love the idea of a botanical garden, we have plenty of sports parks in the city.

    1. rob allen

      The river is usually high enough. I have paddled it most months, Jan. – Nov. This year it has been exceptionally low. I think because they are trying to refill the reservoirs.

  8. Ron

    Love the tennis courts. They would fit in beautifully to the area. Tennis courts in Provo are severely lacking.

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