Sportsmanship – A Cautionary Tale

No one likes an obnoxious winner or sore loser. I think we’ve known that person that we just can’t seem to beat (me playing my wife at tennis comes to mind) and as hard as that might be, it’s compounded by the inability to keep things in perspective.

In an effort to avoid misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and parents who all feel their child is the next Jazz superstar, we’ve put together this video displaying the what-not-to-do’s and the winning-is-everything attitudes. It will be primarily used by the City’s Parks and Recreation Department for training purposes but it’s too fun not to share.

If you think this is your normal video – guess again.


Oh, and if you don’t have enough time to watch the entire things, skip to about 7:40 and watch for a few. It’s when our official retreats to the recesses of his mind. Look out Bee Gees and John Travolta!

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  1. Just a thought

    John Travolta? The looked more Xabadu to me. So I think you meant Olivia Newton John. I agree though, fantastic video. It’s nice to see a fresh style of video from the City.

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