Pioneer Benefit Concert & Ball


The Pioneer Village 1st Annual Concert and Ball will be held on Friday, May 2 at 7:00 pm at the Provo Recreation Center. Come celebrate your Pioneer heritage at a fundraiser for the relocation and renovation of the James Loveless Adobe Home.

The benefit will feature live entertainment from:

*Come dressed in your Pioneer clothes or Sunday best. (I will be there dressed in Pioneer clothing.)


Tickets to the benefit are: $35/Couples, $20/Per Person, & $15/Youth 14-17. All proceeds will go the Pioneer Village and the relocation and renovation of the James Loveless Adobe Home.

Purchase tickets here »

James Loveless Adobe Home

The money raised at the benefit will go towards the cost of relocating and renovating the James Loveless adobe home.

The James Loveless adobe home is Provo’s oldest home, built in 1853 by Bishop James Loveless. The home was planned to be demolished but prominent historian Robert Carter realized what the house was.

Because the house has been stuccoed and modernized inside and out, few were aware that underneath the improvements to the home, there was actually the original handmade adobe mud brick structure making up the oldest surviving home in Provo.


Now, instead of being demolished, the house will be preserved in Provo’s Pioneer Village. Relocating the house is a complicated process because the adobe bricks are incredibly fragile. The home is being dismantled brick by brick and will be rebuilt in the village.

For more information visit or contact the Pioneer Village Mayor, Steve Nelson at 801-375-9299 or

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