Provo’s Earthquake Drill + Giveaway [Closed]

On Thursday, April 17 at exactly 10:15 a.m. thousands of Utahns will participate in Utah’s largest earthquake drill, The Great Utah Shakout. Individuals, families, businesses, schools, and government agencies have been encouraged to participate by holding their own drills at the same time. This will be a great opportunity for residents and employees to get better prepared for major emergencies, and practice how to protect ourselves in the event of a real earthquake.

Provo City will participate in the statewide drill by activating our emergency sirens at 10:15 a.m. The emergency sirens are located on the roof of Fire Station 1 at the City Center (351 W. Center St.) and in the Riverbottoms area at about 2750 N., 3800 N., and 5200 N. along University Avenue.
Provo City will also activate its Emergency Operations Center during the earthquake drill. Dozens of city employees will come together to practice their respective roles during local disaster. Under the leadership of an incident commander, the Police, Fire, Public Works, Energy, and other departments will participate in emergency scenarios and practice how they would respond to an earthquake.

How to participate?

Provo residents are encouraged to participate in the earthquake drill this Thursday, April 17 at 10:15 am. Here are a few ways you can participate:

  • Drop, Cover, and Hold on: At exactly 10:15 am drop, cover, and hold on. As a general rule, this is the best thing to do during an earthquake.
  • Be Prepared: If an emergency/disaster were to happen, would your family be prepared? Take the time now to do some simple things that will help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible following any emergency. Make a Plan, Get a Go-Kit, and Be Informed.
  • Register to be counted in the ShakeOut Drill. Sign up here »
 Visit to learn more about The Great Utah Shakeout.


If you hear the emergency sirens during the earthquake drill at 10:15 am, leave a comment on this blog post sharing where you were when you heard the alarms. I will randomly select one person from the comments to be the lucky winner of a: $25 gift card to Station 22, Two Cinemark Movie tickets, and a $10 Gift card to Sweet Tooth Fairy.

You can also enter the giveaway by sharing your experience and where you were located when they heard the sirens on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook by tagging @ProvoCity and using #ProvoShakeOut.

Each tweet, comment, and share will be entered into a giveaway.

///////////////////////////////////////// Winner!

Congratulations Nicole! We will contact you through email.

Screen Shot 2014-04-30 at 3.49.41 PM

Thank you for everyone who shared their location during the drill. We had hundreds of comments on Facebook, Twitter, and the blog.

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  1. Silvia

    I can hear it!
    243 e 400 n

  2. Jennifer L.

    Heard the sirens loud and clear over the garbage trucks today up by the temple – dogs are on high alert lol

  3. Russ

    Hearing the earthquake sirens at work in the Riverwoods! Hiding under the desk!
    – Russ

  4. Tina

    I was in my bedroom reading while my son watched tv. I explained what was happening and told him what we needed to do. We heard the sirens at 10:15 a.m. We are close to the shops at the Riverwoods.

  5. J. Merica

    I forgot about drill but remembered when I heard the alarm. I was in my house at my desk, doors and windows closed. Alarms were effective. Thanks.

  6. Lorena

    I heard the siren and ducked below my kitchen table while preparing to go to work.
    I took me back to elementary school in California where we practiced what to do in case of an earthquake.
    But this felt a lot more plausible.
    Thanks ProvoCity for caring enough to set this up for us!

  7. Wynn H

    I heard them for about 5 minutes at the LDS Motion Picture Studio.

  8. Lauren

    I’m at home with my dog! We’re prepared!

  9. Tiffany H.

    I was at my office in the Riverwoods Business park and it just sounded like wind.

  10. Lyza

    I shared this on my facebook along with all my co-workers!!! love how Provo is always concerned about their residents!!! Thanks for the newsletters!!!!

  11. Jeane Burton

    I live in Grandview area. At 10:15 I listened but could not hear the siren. I went outside and could hear the river bottom siren. It was very far away. It would be nice if there was one on this side of town. If I hadn’t known it was supposed to be an alarm, I wouldn’t have paid attention because it was so quiet.

  12. miny smith

    We are at 100 East Center Street, Provo at the Utah County Building.
    We did not hear any sirens, even outside.

    1. John

      Thank you for sharing your location during the drill.

  13. Kyle

    I was at 3520 N University Ave.

  14. Annie Walker

    I heard it at BYU!

    1. Russ

      Nice to know BYU students feel a part of the community too!

  15. Linda

    I was watching Ted on TV and I heard the sirens. I went to the doorway and hung on for awhile for the drill. It is great to know we will be warned. Thank you

  16. Anastaza Coleman

    I was in bed at home wondering what the sirens were. Now I know more about Provo’s emergency systems, especially since I live near the Riverbottoms!

  17. Stacey M.

    I was on Foothill east of the Riverwoods and I heard them.

  18. Susan

    I was at home and recognized it was not a normal fire engine sound.

    1. John

      Susan – Thanks for posting. Can you tell me where you’re located?


  19. Julie Schonlau

    Heard the sirens just east of Rock Canyon Elementary. I heard multiple sirens from here. So did my dog! 🙂

    1. John

      Julie – Thanks for helping out. It’s important for us to understand any potential issues out there and how to respond.

      Oh, and tell your dog I’m sorry. 😉


  20. Ralene

    Heard it loud and clear through closed windows at home (Indian Hills area). Thanks for these preparedness helps!

  21. callie

    i live in the tree streets and was outside working in my yard … i had registered so was somewhat expecting the sirens … but i was really involved in chopping out a tree root and had really forgotten … became aware about 1018 of a vague moaning sound that made me think of the wind … very faint … and i was outside … and have extremely good hearing … never would have heard it inside my house … lasted for about a minute longer … sirens not that effective for this area, i think …

    1. Wendy

      I also live in the tree streets and couldn’t make out any sirens. Maybe we need a siren on the east side. . . .

    2. Jonathan

      I was at work at Central utah surgical center outside and emf could barley hear the low moaning of the alarm

  22. Mark

    I have listened specifically for the sirens. Where I live near Amelia Earheart Elementary they can only be heard very faintly if you are outside and listen closely. If the sirens are to be used as an emergency alert system they are ineffective. Are there sirens in our area/vicinity? Can something be done so that they are audible?

  23. Liz

    Didn’t hear anything at H&R Block near Center.

  24. Lisa

    Heard it! I was talking to my Mom on the phone. . . . . System works

  25. Under my desk!

  26. Kim F.

    I heard it– I was crossing the street from my neighbor’s house back to mine. I didn’t know it was an earthquake drill until I got home and saw the mayor’s email. If it had been a real earthquake, I would have dropped to the ground where I was, covered my head and neck with my arms, and waited for the shaking to subside.

  27. Kim F.

    I forgot to specify above– I was on BYU campus, in Helaman Halls when the siren went off.

  28. Magnus Vetter

    HI! I am from Sweden and wisiting my brother in law. Heard the sirens and browsed through the media for what to do and found information in The Daily Herald and your blog. It is good it was only a drill!

  29. Sarah

    I’m over on 1000 E and center… I heard a low sound, but only when I went outside. Even then my son couldn’t hear it over the neighbor’s water. We hid under the desk anyway, just for practice, but the siren’s aren’t that effective on this side of Provo.

  30. Ryley McBride

    Sirens heard at the Rec center

  31. Tiffany D.

    We are in the Deer Haven town houses off of state street and 1320 south. And I guess we are too far away because we waited for it and heard nothing. If there’s an emergency someone please come and knock on our door! 🙂

    1. John

      Tiffany – Thanks for you help.


  32. Lisa

    I didn’t hear it and I’m in south Provo but I think I’m prepared. I hope so.

  33. Melody T.

    I was in the parking lot at the grocery store with my kiddos so we just stayed inside the car. I figured that was the safest place!

  34. Shilo

    We did not here them in East Bay either. 🙁

  35. Erika

    We didn’t hear them at the Library (which meant all the kids at story time were not distraught, though had there been an earthquake, they would have been nice to hear…)

  36. J. York

    I heard them faintly. I live on Carterville Road By Carterville Park.
    Once we went outside, we could tell something was going on.

  37. I heard it while in my psychology class at UVU!

  38. Marcy Stroup

    My daughter and I were playing at Memorial Park in Provo. We heard the sirens, but faintly. I thought being outside for the drill would be a good idea, but I was suddenly aware of all the trees and that huge obelisk that could fall down.

  39. Suz I Smith

    I was in my garden, and I could hear it, but it wasn’t very loud. Inside the house you couldn’t hear it at all. Western edge of Grandview Hill.

  40. Jordan

    Wanted to report i could not hear it at my home on west 800 north.

  41. Nicole M

    I was in a meeting at work with my colleagues (I work in the Riverwoods area) and it was super loud. Only one of us knew about the test and so it became the topic of conversation in our meeting. We agreed during our meeting that we should get a plan in motion for our employees in case of emergency. It was a great thing for our company to be more active and aware! Thanks for the drill.

  42. Sharyn G.

    I heard the siren. I was at 700 West and 100 North. It was very quiet though and I almost missed it.

  43. Margaret

    I was in my upstairs bedroom and could hear the sirens loud and clear with no windows open. I live near Wasatch Elementary.

  44. STACIA

    I heard the sirens when I was at home with my children. We heard the siren clearly, but I couldn’t make out what was being said. Great practice for our family and community.

  45. Gail

    I did not hear the sirens and we live only about 8 blocks from the fire station. I notice that the north part of town had 3 different sirens and we in the west and southwest have one, which I didn’t even hear. I even opened my window to see if I could hear. Nothing. You are going to have to do something for us in the West side of town. If there was an earthquake we would only know it when the house started shaking.

  46. Gary

    Didn’t hear a thing down here at 800 N 2700 west!

  47. Bob

    What other uses do the sirens have? It seems to me that if we were having an earthquake, you wouldn’t need the sirens to tell you!

    1. Pam

      I’ve thought that too. It depends on how close you are to the epicenter and how strong it is (on the Richter Scale). I grew up in L.A. and felt very few quakes.

  48. Jennifer P

    I was in my car in the parking lot of the intramural fields at 2230 N and University Ave. They were not very loud there — it took me a second to realize what I was hearing.

    Is there a plan to have sirens where more west and south Provo residents can hear them?

  49. Mike Barker

    I was giving my students a test at Centennial Middle School and we heard it in the classroom. The kids were happy to take a break to drop and take cover during a test!

  50. Matt

    I work on the 200 W block of Center street in Provo and could barely hear a faint siren, presumably from the Riverbottom area, if I stopped everything and listened very carefully. Apparently the siren at Fire Station 1 didn’t go off, that would have been right across the street from me.

  51. SLH

    I was in south Provo, near the cemetery. I didn’t hear anything. But I’d love to win the giveaway!

  52. Pam

    I’m on Canyon Rd., about a mile from the nearest siren (the 1 in the “pine tree”). I had dozed off with the TV on and didn’t hear it. I woke at 10:18 and had to turn off the TV to hear the siren. Why are they concentrated in the northeast?

  53. Jocelyn

    1100 West…I did not hear the sirens.

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