Today on, April 17 at exactly 10:15 a.m. thousands of Utahns will participate in Utah’s largest earthquake drill, The Great Utah Shakout. Provo City will participate in the statewide drill by activating our emergency sirens.

Earthquake Drill

This is the Great ShakeOut, one of the largest earthquake drills ever. Practice now so you can protect yourself during a real earthquake!

This is an earthquake drill. Right now, DROP, COVER. AND HOLD ON.

DROP to the floor now: during a large earthquake, the ground might jerk strongly and knock you down. Take COVER under something sturdy to protect yourself from objects that can be thrown across the room. HOLD ON to your shelter until the shaking stops. If you canʼt get under something, stay low and protect your head and neck with your arms.

Now look around. What objects might fall or be thrown at you, that you should secure in place before a real earthquake?

Finally, a strong earthquake may cause a tsunami. If you’re near the ocean during an
earthquake, DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON, then walk quickly to high ground after the shaking stops.

This drill is over. Visit ShakeOut.org for simple steps to help you survive and recover from a
major earthquake.

Thank you for taking part in the Great ShakeOut!

Share Your Experience

If you hear the emergency sirens during the earthquake drill at 10:15 am, share where you were located when they heard the sirens on on social media: Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook by tagging @ProvoCity and using #ProvoShakeOut.

Each tweet, comment, and share will be entered into a giveaway.

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  1. D Stevenson

    I live on 500 N and about 900 W. If I had not been in my front room and all quiet, I would not have even heard the sirens. Not very comforting.

    1. John

      Thanks for helping out. It’s good to know where our holes are located. This is part of the reason for the drill.


  2. Kathy

    I live West of Geneva on 500 N. We can’t hear the sirens at all!

  3. G

    I’m downtown at the crossroads of University and Center Street and heard nothing. We even waited for it.

  4. SLH

    I was in south Provo, near the cemetery. I didn’t hear anything. But I’d love to win the giveaway!

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