Clue Number 2


Yesterday some of you took shots at my poetic style. Ouch, that hurt. Good thing my self-esteem is not linked to your feedback.

No worries, I’ve worked hard on a new poem. If you don’t like it keep it to yourself.

Yes it’s epic so don’t be a skeptic.
We promised a clue so no need to be blue.
Pay better attention there’s no honorable mention.
You don’t need to be bright just turn out the light.

See you at the announcement.

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  1. D Turley

    Is Provo hosting a poetry festival? April is poetry month so time is running out!

  2. Jerraine

    Is it something related to our power plant? Half or lower price after a certain time of the evening to encourage people do their wash at a later hour. To lighten the burden on the power grid during the day!

  3. hmmm. What could Blue want to do with Zion’s Bank, Provo, and the lights out?

  4. dougj

    Are they funding alternate power or LED lights?

  5. lynne

    1-reaching – really reaching but oh well, somehthing to do with blue sky energy savings….
    2- target…
    3- somthing with rock canyon

  6. Bret

    Jet Blue to fly out of Provo?

  7. Erin

    Are we building a new power plant?

  8. Aaron

    City wide laser tag!

  9. Tom

    Is it some sort of solar power project that will bring cheaper power to Provo residents? Probably not, but hey, who knows. We’ll find out at 3:00 PM.

  10. derek

    Bad with riddles but no doubt we are banning all Utes from Utah County for life.

  11. Mel

    “No need to be bright…” Evidently not.

  12. Caden

    Sponsored movies in the park again!!!

  13. Courtney

    IT’S 3:00!!!! What is it!!!!!!!???????? Sorry, I’m impatient…

  14. KBA

    I failed to see what any of the “clues” had to do with the purchase of Rock Canyon.

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