How Do I get Involved?


One of the hardest questions I get asked is, “How do I get involved?”  I’m not sure why it’s so hard except perhaps that it’s like trying to tell someone what their hobby should be.  Some find certain aspects of the city extremely interesting and some find them totally boring.  For instance, I enjoy council meetings but I haven’t found many others who do. Below are some ideas:

City Center Block Project

We’re taking an important downtown block and asking the community some questions: Beyond what it is today, what could it be tomorrow? Could it better contribute to the city’s long-term goals and to the vitality and economic health of downtown? There’ll be multiple opportunities to participate. Check out the website, for public meeting schedule and for more information.

Provo Bicycle Committee

You may want to check out the Provo Bicycle Committee. This group meets once a month to discuss bike advocacy issues and has made some amazing things happen for bikes in Provo including getting funding for a bike/ped study, getting a bike path map approved as a part of the city’s general plan, improving Provo River Trail, and getting lanes striped throughout the city. Get their newsletter list by sending an email to and check updates on or follow


Help is always needed at the neighborhood level.  The city has 34 neighborhoods each with a chair and vice chair.  Some of the most important work in our City is done by the Neighborhood Chairs.  Call your neighborhood chair or call the Provo City Neighborhood Program Coordinator at 801-852-6122 or email

Municipal Council

A great start to getting involved is to get to know your city council. This group impacts your life in a significant way.  Among many other things they set the policy that governs the city.  Invite them to speak to your group, email them your opinions, send them a thank you card or attend council meetings.  Do what you find of interest but either way they love to hear from you and interact with our residents.  You’ll find them extremely approachable.

Nonprofit Organizations

Provo is rich with nonprofit organizations.  Want to help feed the homeless, fill the food bankbuild a home or just about anything else?  There is a place to do that.  Not sure where to begin?  Contact United Way of Utah County.

Parks and Recreation Department

A variety of volunteer opportunities are available in parks, on trails at the cemetery, and at Special Events.  For more information contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at 801 852 7607 or go to the Volunteer in Provo page or Volunteer for Events page on Provo’s Website.

Pioneer Village

As we are approach the opening of the Pioneer Village, we are anticipating more visitors because of the community interest in the Loveless home.  As a result, we are looking for more and better volunteers.  We are asking for your help.  If you or anyone you know might be willing to serve three to four hours a week throughout the summer, please contact Steve Nelson Steve Nelson 801-275-9299 or email at


The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program is a way for people from all walks of life to learn valuable basic skills used during disaster response. Some of the skills include things such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. By using the training learned through CERT training, new members can assist others in their neighborhood or workplace when professional responders are not immediately available to help. Check out the details on the Emergency Management page on the City’s Website.

VIP – Volunteers in Policing

Volunteers in Policing is a national program. The program provides support and resources for law enforcement agencies as well as citizens who wish to volunteer their time and skills to enhance their community. Email for details.

Mobile Watch

The Police Department has supported the Mobile Watch Program for 15 years.  We currently have 55 members, 14 of whom are Bike Patrol members who dedicate their time to the Rivertrail.  Our Mobile Watchers patrol their own neighborhoods either by vehicle, bike, on foot, or while exercising!  They attend quarterly training meetings with the Community Resource Office, and receive updates from the CROs on hotspot areas, or pertinent crime information. Email for details

Provo City Library

The Library thrives on the hundreds of volunteer hours worked on its behalf each month.  Library volunteers help to circulate thousands of library materials per day, support Children’s programming, assist the Library with special projects in our Technical Services and Community Relations departments, and more.  Each volunteer is a valued and integral member of the Library’s staff. – See more at the Library’s Website.
Don’t see anything that appeals to you? Use your imagination and creativity.  The city is full of opportunities.
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  1. Ashley

    Great post!

  2. Michaelann

    United Way of Utah County is super happy to link you to volunteer opportunities. Fun fact: if you dial 2-1-1 from any 801 number you’ll link up to our office and can learn about how to volunteer.
    There’s also a huge searchable database at

  3. Michaelann

    also, Mayor, are you OK if I snag that great photo of you for a flier for our upcoming Day of Caring breakfast?

    1. John

      Go for it!


  4. Mayor, how do we get feedback to the different departments in the city? I’ve got public comment to make about the police department and more importantly some traffic related issues being handled poorly.

    Where do I go? The city has a Facebook page, that’s great. But I can’t post a comment or anything publicly there. What are some ways I can make sure my voice is being heard?

    I recognize that I may need to attend meetings to give public comment for certain items, but I would love for there to be a place for public discussion where it doesn’t require citizens to attend meeting.

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