9th Highest Cycling Rate in the Nation!


Picture from Provo’s Bike to Work Day, 5/14/14

The U.S. Census Bureau released a report just in time for National Bike Week ranking Provo’s cycling rate among mid-size cities (with populations between 100,000 and 200,000 residents) the ninth highest in the nation! We even beat out Salt Lake City who was ranked 11th.

According to the report, Provo residents are four to seven times more likely than typical Americans to bike to work. Nationally, just 0.6 % of workers bike to work, based on survey data for 2008-12 but in Provo, 3.1 % of residents bike to work.

The report also had data on how many workers walk to work. In Provo, 14.5 % of workers walk to work, ranking Provo #3 in the nation among mid sized cities!

Read more about the rankings in The Salt Lake Tribune’s article here »

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  1. trieste

    I would love to bike more but still do not feel safe! I would love 9th to have some amazing bike path up and down it!

  2. Erin

    I have biked everyday of the year since moving here 2 years ago. So far, no close calls on my road bike so long as you obey traffic laws and keep your eyes and ears open! There’s nothing better than the natural smells and noises you here when riding a bicycle!!

    Love that we made 9th. The more people bike around the city the more likely bike lanes will appear.

    Good luck!

  3. Aaron Skabelund

    This is great, but we should remember that it has been accomplished without a plan and without any real funding to truly make our community bicycle-friendly. Just think of what we can do now that we have the Bicycle Master Plan in place. Other similarly sized college cities, like Davis, have a bike mode share of about 19 percent. Boulder, which has a similar climate to that of Provo, is at 11 percent. Now that the political will is coalescing to truly make Provo more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly, just think of what we can do if we aggressively put the plan in place and what the wonderful benefits for quality of life will be. Mayor Curtis, thanks for your leadership on this issue. Let’s make every week and month bike to work and school week and month and provide viable and safe options for our residents to move around and beyond our city.

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