Mumsy Guide to Provo: Provo’s Top 8 Photo Locations

JR show mums2Hello dear readers!  Our names are Michelle, Natashia, and LaChelle, and we are the Mumsy blog! Aside from writing for and managing our blog, we are moms,  life enthusiasts, and devout Provo residents who have collectively lived in this city for 30 years and love every and anything that it has to offer.

So, at the end of each month, we will be doing our very own guide to Provo; sharing all that there is to see and do for residents and visitors alike.  Saying we are thrilled to do this, would be an absolute understatement!  And, with that being said, we hope you enjoy this very first post on our guide to Provo’s best outdoor photo locations that you can take pictures at for zilch.


The Mumsy Mums

1) Dolphin Mural

Location: 198 W. Center Street (on the side of the Hookah Collection)

What we love about it:  This is a larger than life mural that you don’t see every day!  It is filled with some of the most gorgeous sea animals that are painted in bright/bold colors that provide a carefree and lively backdrop to your photos.


2) Nu Skin’s Wood Slat Wall

Location: 75 W. Center Street

What we love about it:  This wall has a very warm tone and simplistic modern feel to it.  Thanks to the minimal beauty of this background, you are able to put a greater emphasis on the clothes and accessories that you choose to wear.


3) Historic Utah County Courthouse

Location: 51 S. University Avenue

What we love about it:  This building oozes opulence in both it’s architecture and the grounds that surround it.  Most of the time we see a lot of bridal photo shoot’s happening here.  But, even if you are just taking your yearly family photo, this location gives you a variety of option that will add just the right amount of luxury to your picture.


4) Hruska’s Kolaches Rainbow Colored Wooden Fence

Location: 434 W. Center St

What we love about it:  This backdrop is quit simple, but beautiful.  Having just the right variant of colors, this particular wooden fence will provide the perfect pop of color to every photo.



Location: 700 S. 550 E.

What we love about it: We love historic architecture, and this building is the cream of the crop!  Because of it’s historical and industrial makeup this building would provide the perfect setting for a steam punk or sugar and spice themed photo.


6) Paul Ream Wilderness Park

Location: 1600 W. 500 N.

What we love about it: One of Provo’s numerous parks, Paul Ream Wilderness Park is 7 acres of pristine wilderness that are located directly next to the Provo river.  Consisting of a lake, trails, river bank, pavilions, and a vast variety of plant life, this outdoor location has endless options for you to choose from!


7) Super Mario Mural

Location: Located directly across the street from the U.S. Postal Service (see below for address)

What we love about it: Honestly, what’s not to love about this eclectic video game?!


8) U.S. Postal Office

Location: 95 W. 100 S.

What we love about it: Located just south of Center Street, this building has a stunning side wall that has been completely assembled out of gorgeous stone slabs in variant warm hued colors.  Whether you choose to dress it up, or keep it causal, this background will give your photo the perfect wow-factor.

rock wall2

Whether you choose to use one of our locations or decide to go out and discover your own, Provo has endless outdoor venues that would be absolutely perfect for any type of photo you choose to take!  And, with Spring almost over, and Summer nearly here, now is the perfect time to get outside and take a photo or two!

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  1. Elise M Bass


  2. We has sooo much fun doing these. We are also so excited to share more awesome things about Provo!

  3. Andrea

    Absolutely love the photos Natashia! Way to go! Love, Andrea

  4. Thanks Andrea! Thanks for the love!

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