Provo Flag

Well, I’m hoping that all the flag proposals are accounted for below. I have to admit – I’ve been impressed with so many fun options that came through.

I’m interested in receiving a little feedback from you and knowing how you feel about what I received.

There’s a catch though – only the positive comments will be made public here. While I can chuckle at most of the fun and not-s0-nice things residents said to me about my ideas (queue the sniffling and get out the bandages), I don’t think we should assume that others deserve anything but respect.

It’s a brave thing to put out an idea which makes us a little vulnerable. Let’s be positive and share. Click on the thumbnails below to view the full size image of each flag, hover over the thumbnails to see the flag number and let me know why it’s your favorite.

From here, we’re aiming to engage, Jason Bates, Provo’s talented vexillologist, to head up a small committee to review the suggestions and come to the city council with a proposal.

Flag #1 Flag #2 Flag #3Flag #4 Flag #5 Flag #6 Flag #7 Flag #8 Flag #9 Flag #10 Flag #11 Flag #12 Flag #13 Flag #14 Flag #15 Flag #16 Flag #17 Flag #18 Flag #19 Flag #20 Flag #21 Flag #22 Flag #23 Flag #24 Flag #25 Flag #26 Flag #27 Flag #28 Flag #29 Flag #30 Flag #31 Flag #32 Flag #33 Flag #34 Flag #35 Flag #36 Flag #37 Flag #38 Flag #39Flag #40 Flag #41 Flag #42 Flag #43 Flag #44 Flag #45 Flag #46 Flag #47 Flag #48Flag #49Flag #50 Flag #51

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  1. I like the fourth one down on the far left side.

    1. Sherrie Hall Everett

      I agree.

    2. Skott

      I like the fourth one down on far left as well as the 9th. Both look good.

    3. Heidi

      Me too.

    4. Lynnette

      Yep, my favorite too 🙂 This will make a great flag!

    5. Abby

      I agree!

    6. Josh

      I like #10. Beautiful flag that represents Provo very well, however I think putting a Y on the mountain would be a great added touch.

      1. James


    7. Dan

      I agree, the 4th one down on the far left is amazing.

    1. Mike

      I like this one too, but could it have waves on the bottom like some of the others? Maybe the fourth from the top on the left with this color scheme.

      1. Candace

        Definitely a better color scheme with #27. The gold is just too much – make it abrasively busy.

  2. Angela D

    I like the 3rd or 10th one, despite showing up grainy here. (Easy enough to recreate in Illustrator either way.)

  3. Allison

    I actually like the same one as Drew, 4th down all the way to the left. My second favorite is 2nd row down and all the way to the right.

    1. Jo Sharp

      Far all and away the BEST! It’s got the mountains, the lake, the roads meaning good transportation, the agriculture, and the Sun all represented very well. Nothing else is even a close second. Fun!

  4. matt

    is there some way to learn about the reasons for patters on the flags? such as is there a specific significance about the number of stars and or different shapes and colors?

    1. John

      Hi Matt,

      You can now hover over each flag to see their number.

      1. Skott

        Ok thanks. I like number 10 and number 25!

    1. Ashley

      I like number 25as well!

    2. Carol

      Provo welcome home

    3. Carol

      Provo welcome home flag

  5. Lee Ann

    Is there any way these could be numbered? Saying fourth one down on the left, etc, makes it hard to tabulate which ones are more popular.

    1. Jen

      hover over and the flag # will appear

  6. Brooke

    I agree with Mike. This one with the color scheme of the 8th one down on the right. It was great talking to you at the canyon rd fire Sundsy night :).

  7. Matt Bloomfield

    4th down on left or 9th down on right

  8. Marilyn

    Favorite is 9th row on right. But overall, the designs similar to this one are the most appealing. Stars are so 18th century, you know!

  9. Caren Nelson

    Number 28…the mountain with the three stars above. It’s clean and graphic. Super sharp!

  10. Tim

    My favorites are:


    But I would love to see a Y on the mountain, even though it is “bad flag design” to use lettering. Or add the white city silhouette in one of these like the one in×200.png

  11. Gary

    Numbering these would be helpful, but the 9th one down in the far left column is very appealing. I love the mountain and the city skyline, both very recognizable. Thanks for having more options!

    1. John

      You can now hover over each flag and they will tell you what number they are.

  12. Lisa

    4th down on the left side or 9th down on the right side.

    1. Sharilyn


    2. Candace

      My two favorites, too.

  13. Noah

    I like number 2 and number 21. I like number 2 for all the reasons it was originally designed for, and number 21 is just a really nice looking graphic.

  14. Teddy Bryan

    I like the 9th one down on the far right side. It represents Provo,s great mountains, sun and water!

  15. Sara T.

    #25, but take out the stars and instead of a circle make the frame of the pic a rectangle.

  16. Jon

    I like the cityscape against the mountains.

  17. Norma Barton

    Provo Welcome Home

  18. Saundra Cindrich

    Hands down…fourth down on left

  19. Angie

    4th one down all the way to the left!

  20. Nate

    The top row far right hand corner is great. Three colors, not complicated, my six-year-old can draw it. Very timeless.

  21. bettymac

    #3 or #9 (aren’t they essentially the same?): bold, simple, striking.

    1. John

      Thanks for noticing – #9 is now changed.

  22. Michelle

    My favorites are #28, then #27, then #10.
    Also, I think you’re great, Mayor Curtis!

  23. dani

    I like #25 and #10. 25 seems to bring our heritage and combine it with our beautiful mountain (I would like brighter colors though, not sure what). 10 is just eye catching and reminds me of the sun coming over the mountain in the morning.

  24. Karin Jessen

    Flag #3

  25. Annalee

    flag #10

  26. Jen

    I like 3, 6 , 7, 9.

  27. Catie


  28. Joshua

    #48 is great

  29. Shellsea

    I love the 10th one – it’s simple but grasps what Provo has to offer.

  30. Ryan

    I think #48 is a really nice design. It captures Provo’s emphasis on patriotism and I think the star on the mountain is a clever representation of the Y.

  31. Conrad

    My vote is for the 1st flag. Blue green blue, without the stars. Simple and engaging.

  32. Landra Adams

    #10 and then #3. I like the color scheme for both. I like the water movement on #10. I like the sun, mountains, and water themes. I would really like to the the mountain Y incorporated though, it is our visual signature as a community.

  33. Amy

    I love #25

  34. Craig S

    I like #27 because it is timeless. It doesn’t use the orange others use that I think would date the flag. And it just looks good.

  35. Michael Neaves

    It appears I can’t hover on an iPhone, but I like the red, white, and blue stylized mountains with the single star

  36. Linda

    #29 jumped out at me. It has the mountain, the blue shows the water, and I like the clean design.

  37. Megan

    Flag #3 is great! Simple, love the colors, and the combination of mountain, water, sky.

  38. matt

    #25 with yellow mountains. seems like the grass on the mountains here is only green for a few months, otherwise dead grass or snow. really great stuff. for knowledge sake, why eight stars? what do the stars indicate?

  39. Brenda

    #7, #26 and #45

  40. Maren Goodman

    #10 is my first choice, #15 is my second choice, but minus all the colored blocking around the center piece and that’s a perfect flag

  41. 4th down, left side. Simple & symbolic

  42. Lyza

    4th one down far left!

  43. My vote is divided: #3, #10, and #41. Love those bold colors!

  44. Katie

    #25- love it!

    1. John

      I think #25 is backwards? When looking at the mountains, the buildings and new temple should be reversed?

  45. Beth

    I like the red and green one with the leaf. It really stands out!

  46. Ruth

    #16. Shows the mountains, the lake, and the letter P (symbolized by the blue border, which is the naval sign for the letter P). And the colors are gorgeous.

  47. Ruth

    #16 also would look great flying alongside our US and Utah flags.

  48. M.B.

    #27 and #45

  49. Andy

    #3 or #9 (which appear to be the same to my untrained eye)

    NOOB question – what do the 3 stars represent? If they are meaningful, they could be arranged above the mountain, instead of the sunburst.

  50. Lynette Southwick

    4th row down far left it’s the mountain scene with sunburst behind Mtn. Don’t know the# as I can’t see it on my phone.
    Would like it also to say Provo, UT m

  51. BNM

    I like the fifth row down – either one: they are simple, and use the existing Provo logo. Why reinvent the wheel?

  52. Alan

    I like the original two ideas even more now! But 21, 22, 25, 45, and 48 are great designs. I would like to know the symbolism behind them, but aesthetically I think they’re the best.

  53. Number 16 is based on the idea of the letter P (in international signal flags) with a mountain and a lake included in the white area. It would also look great next to the Utah state flag and US national flag.

  54. PHIL

    I really like #16!!!

  55. anne

    Love the historic skyline and the mountains

  56. Dan

    I like #7

  57. Connie Law

    I really like the ones that have the timpanogos mountain and the sun spikes behind it. There are a couple of really nice ones with bright colors. I think those best represent where we are on the map!

  58. Vickie

    I like #3 in combination with #15, using the name Provo in the flag I feel is important to the identity of the flag.

  59. Laura

    Like the one forth from the top on the left. It has a mountain with the sun and water in front.

  60. Fourth down on the left side was my pick.

  61. blphoto

    Number 10 or 27 would get my vote. 26 looks like a middle eastern country somewhere.

  62. Eric

    #48! unless you don’t love America

  63. Mary Gunnell

    I like #3. It follows the guidelines while being aesthetically pleasing. My kids could replicate this, which is what we are going for — right?

  64. Geoff

    Lots of great designs.

    In my opinion flag 48 is especially a stand out. It is simple and stylish, is indicative of the local landscape and culture, and uses a great color pallet. Also, I could see it on a T-shirt just as easily as waving over city hall.

  65. Jordan

    #48 is amazing.

  66. Rob

    I like the pony one

  67. Sherrie Hall Everett

    Flag 10

  68. bill

    None of them appeal to me.
    They just don’t say “this is the one”

  69. No. 27, No. 3, No. 10. Any of those look clean. Could you incorporate the founding year?

  70. Wyman

    25 and 28 are fair but I think you need to go back to the drawing board. Spending so much for so little seems a waiste

  71. Alexandra

    10th one down on the left. Classy and explanatory.

  72. Bevan

    Flag #10 for me. Flag #27 is a close second

  73. Charlie

    #25 but with the colors updated and enhanced.

  74. Kylie Elizabeth

    I like the general idea of flag #27 and the others similar to it. But, have you guys consulted with a graphic artist? A good one could probably take any of these ideas and polish it out to look great.

  75. Bud

    I am a fan of #15. There are some great options, but this style would fit the guidelines suggested for a “good” flag and, like it or not, it is the City’s new logo/brand.

  76. Jeff

    I’m a big fan of #48 – the patriotic color scheme fits well with Provo’s culture and would work especially well with the Freedom Festival. It quickly brings to mind some of the defining characteristics of our city – patriotism, mountains, snow, the Y, etc.

  77. Jason


  78. Matt

    I agree fourth down on the left side. Wife says third down on the left side.

  79. Chad


  80. Shay


  81. lynne


  82. Annette

    I vote for #42

  83. Annie W.

    Flag #10 (4th one down on the far left side.)

  84. Beverly

    Definitely #10. It’s simple, happy, reflects the area, and doesn’t need any explanations (as a lot of people come from out of town for schooling, business, fine arts, or family).

  85. Tim

    #10. If the Provo logo represents Provo, why shouldn’t part of it be used for the flag? I would keep the continuity of it, as it would subconsciously represent how unified our community is.

  86. Angie

    #10 for sure

  87. Marty

    I like the fourth one down on the far left also. I love the sun, mountains, and river!

  88. jake

    # 10

  89. Anthony Ambriz

    Flag 3

  90. Michael

    #4 is simple and good looking, but it is lacking what #15 has in identity of the city. The two put together would be best.

  91. Denise

    Flag #10 is the best!

  92. Alan

    I like the middle one on the second row, including the file name splayed across it. It adds a touch of tech savvy.

  93. Melodie S

    I like #7 and #10. They are simple and the colors are vibrant and catch your attention. I also like the silhouette idea and design of #25, but maybe make the stars yellow? Just to add one more color

  94. Philip

    Flag 3 or 10

  95. lynne

    42 ALSO

  96. MJ

    9th column, the middle flag.

  97. Pam

    I can’t see numbers of flags on my computer. Row 9 Column 3 “Nothing like a Sunrise over Timp”

  98. Elise

    I think the very best flag would be the existing Provo sign that says “Provo-Welcome Home” The existing sign is great design, simple and would make a beautiful flag that is consistent to the brand in the sign.

  99. Pam

    Found number by hovering over picture. Big vote for #27. If flying it under the US Flag it looks better to not have contrasting colors.

  100. Brooke

    Flag # 10 and #41 are pretty sweet! It’d be cool if they had the word ‘Provo’ on it as well!

  101. Nick Wilcox

    I like #9 (city scape with mountains and stars)

  102. Mel

    I like the one with the Y on the mountain.

  103. Nick Wilcox

    Strike that, I like #25 better

  104. David Price

    #10 is the best. It matches the logo, which makes sense. Why should we have two images for Provo?

  105. Nick Wilcox

    But put a “Y” on the mountain.

  106. Michelle

    3, 7, 9, and 10. Thanks for asking!

  107. Rita

    I like #10 or #25.

  108. David

    If you’re going to put a mountain scape on the flag at least put mount Timpanogos or squaw Peak, something that is recognizable not just some random mountain design.

  109. Katie

    4th down, far left: same as the Provo “O”. It seem like the logical choice; wasn’t too many logos part of the problem in the first place?

  110. Crissa Robertson

    4th down on left…makes sense because that is already in the branding that Mayor Curtis has worked so hard to get out there

  111. Allan

    I haven’t seen a reason just why Provo has to have a flag, but if I were to choose one, it’d be #15.

  112. Jacob Adams

    I may have only been a student at BYU, but as a student of urban planning I love these flags. I’m a big fan of #9. Simple, bold, direct.

    I like the simplicity of 1, 2, and 29 but the color scheme and patterns remind me too much of the Portland, OR city flag.

  113. J.Hoehne

    If you go with #25, change the colors to be the same as #! or #2. The shades make them look boring and old fashioned.

    I also like #29.

  114. Carol

    TOP RIGHT, for sure. Clean, very flag-ish. Balanced. Please pick this one.

  115. Taylor

    I vote flag #20 – a star under the mountains. Or flag #10, but I worry it might not be as timeless as flag #20.

  116. Jonathan Scott

    I really like the one in the first column four rows down.

  117. Jason

    To late to enter? I wouldn’t mind talking a whirl at this.

    1. John

      Send your suggestion to Corey Norman in my office. His email is


  118. Mark

    The silhouette of the city on 25 onto flag 27 would be my fave.

  119. Jezi

    #15 – It lets one know what city the flag is flying for and is tastefully done. Lettering may not be proper for a flag, but unless there is something to indicate what it is – why fly it?

  120. Christie Winters

    Number 10 is my vote! I love the slight asymmetry of the mountains, sun, and water that all balance each other out in the end.

    1. Ben Metzger

      Flag #10 or #25 get my vote(s). But, those seagulls on flag #49 look really cool too . . . hmm. How many cities get to have a seagull on their flag? Only the BEST cities do, so I’ll throw in a vote for flag #49 as well.

  121. Marla

    #10 and #15. I think #15 would look even better if the large stripes were blue, then the smaller stripes were green and yellow, in order from blue to yellow like a rainbow.

  122. Ashley

    Love #25!!

  123. Trevon

    Can other designs be created or is this all we can choose from?

  124. Amy

    I like #10 and #15.

  125. Jessica


  126. TMO

    Fourth Row, far left.

  127. Rebecca

    I liked #25. It is classic, represents the city well.

  128. debyj


  129. R Stuart

    Anything but the Obama “O” the city uses on everything now.

  130. Erin Morris

    #3 Reminds me of what Provo stands for Happy Valley

  131. Clancy

    I like #25. That is the only one that actually represents Provo I think. If not that I think it should just be the logo on a flag.

  132. Stephanie

    I like 10 – 4th one down on left

  133. Boyd

    #10! I would use blue instead of yellow.

  134. Lorraine

    I like #10, #3 and #42 in that order. Having the sun rising over the Eastern mountains, with the lake in the foreground really symbolizes Provo.

  135. Kari

    I love #30. Not the typical one people are picking, but I love it!

  136. Jim buttons

    Start all over different colors

  137. Marco Carrillo

    i like number 28 and even better is the provo word on the bottom with year of 1849.

  138. Rhonda Miller

    I like #10.

  139. Jan

    Down 14 on the right side. I think it would be #42 is eye catching and simply looks great!

  140. Carol

    Number 10 is my vote, but it needs to say PROVO on it somewhere to show what it’s representing.

  141. Jessica

    I like flag #7 – the colors and the somewhat abstract feel of the flag seem like they could be “timeless” and last for a long time.

  142. John

    I like #10 and #27, but I think PROVO or PROVO CITY or PROVO, UTAH should also be on the flag.

  143. Amy

    10, 25, and 27 are my favorites

  144. Jwilkinson

    I like the fourth one down on the left best!

  145. DK

    #42 please

  146. Hanna


  147. Elicia


  148. Brenda

    I like the 4th one down on the far left side. I couldn’t get the number to pop up on IPad.

  149. Dorie

    I vote #10!

  150. Sabrina

    I like #27 first and #48 second

  151. Michael again


  152. Alisa

    I love #10! Four down far to the left.

  153. frank

    How about just scrap the whole idea and save the city some money. All of those designs are hideous.

  154. Heather

    flag 48

  155. Christi Williams

    Flag #10

  156. Christi Williams

    or Flag 27

  157. D

    4th one down on the left. The skyline idea would be cool, just with a bit more color.

  158. Shaun

    10 or 15

  159. Aaron

    #3, #27, #28 are best options.

  160. Kris Pace


  161. Alpheus

    I really like Flag #10, but flags #35 and #43 make me smile. Of the eight flags in #46, I also like the third one down in the second column.

    If this is a formal vote, though, I’d vote #10 in a heartbeat!

    1. John

      Thanks for the input. This isn’t a formal vote. We’re just having fun with the feedback and comments about which ones are preferred.


  162. Cathy

    4th from bottom right side #27 but put a Y on the mountain NO stars

  163. Melba

    Flag number 10

  164. Nathan

    #10 and #27

  165. Maida Anderson

    I like the 9th on the far left.

  166. Whti

    #4 and #25 are my favorites!

  167. Abby


  168. Tim


  169. Andrew

    3, 6, 9, 16, 25

  170. Kyle

    I like #6 and #10

  171. the 9th flag down to the left is my favorite…

  172. Andrew


  173. Michael

    Yes definitely #3

  174. christi

    10, 15, 32 with color and refinement

  175. LeAnn

    #7 represents us well… a simple and classic design

  176. Lauren

    10 and 27.

  177. Jake


  178. Ben


  179. Jamie

    #52 or the 4th down on the left side, I couldn’t see the number for that one 🙂 I love that they’re simple, eye catching, symbolic of our great city, and goes with the logo Provo already has. I really love all of the drawn submissions! It looks like they had fun coming up with those ideas!

  180. uncle Bud

    # 10

  181. Candace

    I like both #27 and # 16 the best. The colors are simple but impactful. The word Provo could be added in very small print to either if needed.

  182. Rob

    Flag number 10 is by far the best

  183. Becky

    #10 seems to highlight the best of Provo in an artistic way, and would look good moving in the wind.

  184. WOODY

    #48 is the coolest by far. You could sell that on lots of t-shirts.

  185. KMI

    10 and 27

  186. Dennis B

    Flag #16 or Flag #40 – I prefer red, white, and blue.

  187. Marie-Luise Smith

    I like #10 or the fourth one down on the left, resembling the picture in the O of the Provo Logo. A “Y” on the mountain would be a great addition.

  188. Logan

    Forget all the computer-generated images. The water-color image, tenth-down on the right, is by far the most beautiful and classy image. Please use that one.

  189. Mike

    I think it should just be a utah utes flag. A Utah man am I. All the Provo flags don’t look good except a big Utah utes flag. Go utes

    1. John

      GO COUGS! 🙂


  190. Taylor

    Ninth row down and on the right. Or take the color scheme in that and put it in the fourth row down on the left. Although I’m a Ute and Salt Lake resident and love the rivalry I do not want others who come to see that great football team you got down there to see a bad flag and ask what Utahans are thinking. these really are the two best options.

  191. Elizabeth W.

    I’m a former Provo resident and still own a home there. All the designs have their good features, but my favorite concept is number 30 because it is specific to Provo. Lots of places have mountains and lakes near them, but Provo may be the only city in the world with a Y on the mountain. If numbers 10 and 25 added a Y to their mountainscapes, I’d like them too.

  192. Adrianne

    I like any of the ones with the sunburst behind the mountains.

  193. Sherry Wadham

    #42 is the most striking — the darker blue is much more inviting. There is something about the slogan “welcome home” that just feels comforting but I don’t know if it is correct to have words on the flag.

  194. Jason

    Number 16 is by far the best. No question.

  195. Tyson

    DEFINITELY flag 16! It’s by far the most iconic, and timeless. I like the interpretive representation of the mountains and Provo lake. It has an air of sophistication.

  196. Dave

    I vote for #16

  197. Joysprings

    I like #45. It has a clean, simple design. It will age better than the others that are so similar to the current logo. I also like that it includes squaw peak, a familiar but neutral landmark in Provo. And it looks like a flag. Nice.

  198. Sam

    #16 is the best option, by a landslide. Striking and impactful, with engrained symbolism. Plus it’s simple enough for kids in school to draw it on their binders.

  199. Peg

    Definitely #10 although I like the idea of the Y on the mountain. #31 is a close 2nd although the lake just looks like an oval randomly thrown in. The watercolor is beautiful but is more like a wall hanging than a flag. Would it be possible to put a Y on #10 or make the lake on #31 spread across the whole width of the flag and make it blue? (Basically #10 and #31 combined.)

  200. Bryce

    I’m voting for number 16. it’s bold, simple, and iconic

  201. Ricky

    #48 is very representative of what a Provo flag should be.

  202. Hayden Davis


  203. Eric

    #3 !! Clean and simple, but maybe the number of sunrays could correlate with the number of suburbs or anything really, just as long as it’s not random. Put some symbolism in it.

  204. Jason

    #16 is the best one here. No question.

  205. Peter

    While I like the current Provo symbol well enough, I prefer the simplicity of #9 (without the sunburst, which to me is a bit busy for a flag). But I think my favorite is #16, which is stunning. And I’ll throw in #40 (which hasn’t received much attention). These three all have a confident, clean, iconic feel. #42 is nice too, but a touch on the busy side for my tastes.

  206. Pam

    #25 with the skyline but add “Provo.” Most of them look like national flags, and most of THEM have long histories so they’re recognizable. Provo’s won’t mean anything without its name. To say lettering is bad is nonsense! Most of the states’ flags have words, including Utah’s. I like California’s: grizzly, grass, bar, star, “California Republic.” Simple, powerful, no doubt whose it is.

  207. Dan

    I’m just disappointed that all the designs with mountains except #30 just use unreal very-generic stylized mountains. We have some very distinctive mountains; why not try to represent them?

  208. Larry

    Just a thought: Look at each design and try to determine if this is a flag for Provo, Orem or American Fork

  209. nate

    just seems to make sense to use the logo from the Provo logo as the flag as well. why recreate the wheel. #10

  210. Trevor

    Number 8 with a “Y” on the mountain (if any with a mountain on them are chosen, a “Y” is a must, the number one call sign for Provo!) Or number 31 with the whole bottom blue like the lake instead of the oval blue lake.

  211. SSusan


  212. peggy andersen

    3, 9 or 10

    1. Candace

      Just not a fan of a gold sky.

  213. Jason McDonald

    #27 is definitely the best. # 10 is kind of tacky and its colors will likely not be appreciated in the near future. #27 will keep it’s charm and has class.

  214. Candace

    Please – no ‘Y.’ Nothing against BYU, but adding the Y to a flag is too much. It limits our city’s potential.

  215. Michelle

    I vote #16! It’s a great one.

  216. B-Jo

    Combine #6 and #10 designs, and add the “Y” and I think it would be great

  217. Bronson

    Far right top row

  218. Wendy

    Combine #10 design with colors more like #27. #10–Love the water movement and size of sun rays, but don’t like the gold sky. #27– The sun rays are too big or skinny or something.

    1. Candace

      Agree that the gold sky is disconcerting. It distracts from all the other elements in those designs that have gold in them.

  219. liz w.

    #10, 27, or 42 !

  220. mjt

    Easy: # 10, which is exactly what is in the Provo ‘O’ in our logo. It’s got the best and most eye-catching colors and succinctly sums up Provo.

  221. Jeff

    #1 hands down! It’s vexillologically perfect. It follows all five of the basic principles of flag design.

    Without even me knowing the symbolism behind it I could tell that the blue on top was the sky, and then the green was the mountain and land, and the blue on the bottom was Utah lake. There’s even a small amount of white for Provo snow.

    It’s simple. It’s perfect. I could march in the streets behind that flag.

  222. Maria

    #10, but with the lighter blue for the sky (the one used for the river/lake) and the darker blue for the river/lake (see #27 for that blue), and darker green for the mountains (again, see #27),and probably just skip the sun. — the bright 80’s colors look too dated, and do not reflect the colors we see in nature, which is such a part of Provo life. If you just eliminate the gold and add in the darker blue, the flag will still blend with the logo colors but will be more timeless and less like a beach promotion.–Alternatively, #35 & #36 are very nice, but I agree that the star should be the gold rather than red.–Great efforts and good luck with the project.

  223. Casey

    Jason showed me one of his designs. It’s better than any of these, but for some reason it’s not posted here.

  224. I like #3 most. #10 is good too, but needs to be a sharper image (of course). I’m guessing that’s just a function of a low res picture.

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