What benefits are available to Veterans?


Below is a list of programs that Provo City offers to benefit military service men and women and veterans:

Power and Customer Service

Provo City Power offers an active duty military deployment discount. Upon verification of an account holder’s active duty and deployment status, Provo Power has agreed to offer 50% off the electric cost, including the municipal use tax of six-percent for six months. The six months do not have to be consecutive and adjustments take place at the customer’s request.

Parks and Recreation

Covey Center for the Arts

Military discounts range from $1-$15 Covey Center event. The Covey Center is also in process of arranging for some free performances and events for military personnel and their families.

East Bay Golf Course

Active military personnel receive the senior discount when they show their government issued identification card.  Also, on Veterans Day, golf is free to all veterans and active military personnel.

Provo City Cemetery

The cemetery staff works with members of the Veterans Council to provide a community memorial service on Memorial Day at the cemetery.  A special area of the cemetery has been designated for burials of veterans and extended family, but not at a discount.  All veterans buried in the cemetery have their names placed on the Veterans Memorial monument at no cost to the family.

Human Resources

Personnel Policy 6 Regard Veterans Preference Eligible 

This policy mandates that eligible applicants will receive up to 10 additional points to their score in the selection process. Those eligible for job selection preference include disabled veterans, unmarried widows or widowers of a veteran, and any person who has been separated or retired from the armed forces under honorable circumstances.

Personnel Policy 19 Regarding Military Leave

Any full-time regular employee who is a member of a reserve unit of the United States Armed Forces or State National Guard can receive up to three weeks paid leave per calendar year at an annual encampment or training.

A leave of absence without pay of up to five (5) years will be granted to any employee who enters the United States Armed Services or is called up to extended duty. The employee will be reinstated to his/her former or a comparable position if he or she applies for re-employment within 90 days of an honorable discharge or a return from active to reserve status. Accumulated vacation and compensatory time can supplement military income; otherwise the balances will be maintained until return to employment. Retirement, medical/health insurance coverage, leave accruals, and other similar vested benefits will be maintained by the City during the time an employee is on paid military leave.

Veterans Council

Provo City’s Veterans Council conducts two main events each year to honor Provo’s service men and women. The first is a Memorial Day Service including a 21 gun salute in May, and the second is a Veterans Day Tribute in November.

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