I Completed the Ice Water Challenge!

A new challenge has gone viral across social media this past week to help raise $20,000 for the Cancer Society. The challenge requires nominated participants to be doused with icy water. They have 24-hours to complete the mission from the time they are nominated and if they don’t complete the dare they have to donate $100 to charity.

If you complete the challenge then you only have to donate $10.

I was challenged by Big Budah to take the Ice Challenge and yesterday along with Provo Fire & Rescue jumped into an ice water bath! Check out the video above to see the footage.

I challenge Val Hale, Utah Valley Chamber President to take the Ice Challenge! Val, you have 24 hours to complete the challenge or donate $100 to the Cancer Society.

Ice Challenge 5Ice Challenge 4 Ice Challenge 3 Ice Challenge 2 Ice Challenge 1 Ice Challenge

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  1. Captain Turner

    Totally awesome guys! My son Finn saw the video and said, ‘I want to do dat!’ He is 4.

    Now I have to set up the pumpkin next shift I’m on!…. Thanks guys!
    Great video, way to raise the bar… I’m already struggling to think of how to top you all.

  2. lilla

    thanks I loved this

  3. Engineer Sam Armstrong

    That was awesome! What a great way to REALLY beat the heat. I decided to go with the full uniform. Maybe I should call that insulation. Mayor Curtis was really excited to get in, and he did it with such great form. Thanks to everyone who showed up to support, jump in, or just laugh at us. It was all worth it!

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