One More Reason to Love Google

xfinity exclusive

Yes I think Google is awesome but more important is that high speeds and a low price are very good for Provo. Notice this offer from Xfinty is just for Provo residents. Why? Because of competition they must give Provo residents a great deal but not residents of other cities.

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  1. Devin Western

    Let’s be honest, Google Fiber is still the better deal. However, Mayor Curtis is right. Both the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News, have commented that Provo is the only city along the Wasatch in which Comcast has lowered their rates. All the other cities have seen a dramatic rate increase, especially for those cities involved with UTOPIA.

    1. Alan

      That is absolutely not true internet speeds are going up, and pricing is going down. Get your facts straight

  2. Greg

    This is why UTOPIA member cities need to really consider the Macquarie deal. Pricing like this doesn’t happen without competition.

  3. Stephanie

    Just wondering if this is the reason the Provo Rec Center chose to change their cable provider and are now getting a BASIC cable service with fewer channels? I love competition but I’m pretty aggravated to learn that several of the channels we use regularly at the gym are now gone.

    1. John

      Hi Stephanie,

      The recreation center is currently transitioning to Comcast. Once they are fully set-up, all of the channels will be restored.

  4. Todd

    Yeah the rec center cable situation is making me consider asking for a refund or starting a petition. Half the channels are gone and 25% of the ones left do not even work. I keep asking at the desk and no one at the Rec center has any clue. Why does a cable transition take three weeks? And why are they not using Google Fiber when there is a Google Fiber sign up station in the lobby?

    1. John

      Hey Todd,

      Here is what I found out: The TVs have full range – 180 stations. The fitness equipment are currently being installed and upgraded to have full range and the installation should take up to 2 weeks to get all of the equipment updated.

      At this time, Google fiber TV is only available for residents, not businesses.

      1. Todd

        That is fantastic news! Thank you for looking into the situation. I have been asking the people at the Rec Center desks for the past two weeks and most of them had no idea what I was talking about, and if they did, they didn’t have any idea of what was going to happen. I can understand why Google Fiber is not their TV provider at the Rec center, the signal uses a proprietary technology that requires a settop box decoder. It most likely would prove incompatible with the equipment. It is too bad the Rec center wasn’t chosen as one of the 20 business or locations to receive GF. Just having the faster wifi would have been amazing. But who knows maybe Google will blanket the city in free wifi one day. Thanks again for being proactive!

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