Reuse + Recycle = Reward

View of sideloader truck servicing  carrt as lady roll a cart to the crub.The simple truth of trash talk is that we Americans generate a lot of garbage. We represent only five percent of the world’s population yet we generate 30 percent of the total amount of the world’s garbage. So we spend $10 billion a year on landfills to hold it, bury it and contain it. We can do better.

In Provo, we’re making a good start. In 2013, we kept 2,206.62 tons of recyclable garbage out of the landfills and saved $66,198.60. When you factor in that Provo City pays $30 a ton for disposal of waste into a landfill, that’s not only a significant, immediate cost savings  — there is no disposal fee for recyclables — but it helps extend the life of a landfill and tax dollars down the road.

Recycling saves money AND energy and cuts down on air pollution. (It takes the same amount of energy to make one aluminum can out of new material that it takes to make 20 out of reusable material. A single salvaged aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for three hours.) The figures are impressive but we can save more. The potential is exciting. The more residents participate, the more we all save.

Provo Recycling Program

Residential recycling containers are picked up every two weeks. Usually, the cans are only partially filled with an average of 17 pounds of material when 75 percent of tossed material could be recycled. And sadly, since the city implemented the curbside recycling program about 100 households a month have taken themselves off the pickup list. That’s a significant loss, not just for Provo but also for the environment.

You can find more information on Provo’s Sanitation Website about garbage pickup (black can), green yard waste (green can), and recycling (blue can).

Republic Waste Services - Houston, TX

Sanitation Rates

If you only have one black garbage can:

  • It will only cost you an additional $2.75 a month to add a blue or green recycling container. (Blue/green recycling can is $4.75/month + discounted black can rate of $12.50/month)

If you have two black garbage cans:

  • If you replace one of your black garbage cans for a blue/green recycling can –  you will save $11.75/month!

Check out the rates below:

Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 8.45.33 AM


For a full recycling list check out our Recycling Handout. If you would like to participate in Provo’s recycling program dial 3-1-1 or 801-852-6000 to get signed up!

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  1. Kathy

    I opted out of the blue can at the beginning. I don’t fill the regular can with our garbage as it is. Give me a smaller = significantly cheaper black can or give me the blue can free and we are in business. We already pay double what my friends in Salt Lake County pay and they get streetside spring and fall cleanup instead of having to have a truck to get stuff to the cleanup sites as well as garbage, green waste and recyclables for about the same price we pay for one can.

    1. Ian

      I agree!!! Give us a blue can!!!

  2. Leanne

    I wish our recycle can was dumped every week. We fill ours up that much! Moving here from CA where recycling is mandatory I was surprised that it wasn’t required here. Many people may not know all the trash they throw away that could be recycled.

  3. Julie Schonlau

    We need recycling picked up every week to make it worth it.

  4. MJ

    I would LOVE a smaller, cheaper black can and 2 recycle cans. I only put my black can out on the recycle weeks and even then its not even half full. I would also love if we had a glass recycling can.

  5. Can we have the recycling cans for free with weekly pick ups? My husband opted out of the recycling because we have to pay. I’ve had to use an IKEA bag and hold the recyclable materials and dump them at the Kiwanis Park recycling bin because I believe in recycling but my husband would rather save the money than to recycle.

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