Mumsy Guide to Provo: 6 Spots to Stay Cool This Summer

Utah Lake sunset-Josh Smith
Photo Credit: Joshua Smith

Phew! Has anyone else felt like the summer temps have been a little hotter than normal? Maybe it’s just us, but we feel like this year, the summer temps have been excruciating. Only allowing us and our children to be outside for brief periods of time. Fortunately, Provo is surrounded by a plethora of swimming venues that make it easier for us, and you, to keep cool and still bask in the glorious summer rays for more than a matter of minutes. After narrowing it down, we came up 6 variating venues that you definitely won’t want to miss out on this season!


The Mumsy Mums

1) Utah Lake:

Location: 4400 W. Center Street Provo, UT 84601
Price: Varies

Swimwear by Lime Ricki
Testing out the Lindon Marina’s paddle boards

When it comes to lakes, Provo residents are surrounded by quite a few. But, if you asked us, one of our favorites is Utah Lake. Yes, we said Utah Lake. Thanks to an extensive clean-up program the lake is well on it’s way to regaining its clear blue water and has become clean enough for us to eagerly venture there for swimming excursions and various water activities.  This time around, we decided to venture up to the Lindon Marina to try our hand at paddle boarding. But, if you aren’t up for the 15- 20 minute drive to that marina, the Provo Marina (Utah Lake’s largest activity-rich marina) features a little bit of everything that this beautiful lake has to offer. For more info on this marina, it’s amenities, and prices, go HERE.

2) Pioneer Park Splash Pad:

Location: 500 W Center Street Provo, UT
Price: FREE

provo splash pad

Provo Splash Pad 2

The location for the splash pad is ideal as it is centered in the middle of the city. This is one of our favorite splash pads because it is large enough for our children to have space to venture and run. Our favorite part of this splash pad is that the water rotates so different jets come on at different times. This is always added fun for our children.

3) Seven Peaks:

Location: 1330 E. 300 N. Provo, UT 84606
Price: Varies

Seven PeaksSeven Peaks CollageLocated in the heart of Provo, this water park is one of six outdoor water parks that are scattered along the Wasatch front. With a total of 19 attractions, Seven Peaks is the perfect place to go if you are swimming with people of various needs and interests. Depending on when you go, and how long you stay, prices vary from $24.99 to $7.99. If you plan on going more than once, paying those variating prices can get expensive. So, if you ask us, we would suggest purchasing a Pass of all Passes. Being frequent patrons to this water park, we buy a pass for us and our family members every year. You can currently go HERE to buy a pass that allows unlimited entry but excludes a tube rental for $37.50 OR a pass that allows unlimited entry AND a tube rental for $44.

4) Springville Splash Pad:

Location: 50 S Main St Springville, UT
Price: FREE

Springville Splash PadSpringville Splash Pad 2Just a rock’s throw south of Provo is the Springville splash pad. Let’s call this a splash park because it is huge! It features a river with sprays of water, waterfall, fountains, and ring water jets. With so much to do here, our kids could stay all day! There is even a small fountain located by the waterfall which is perfect for infants. We think the only trouble you will have here, is getting your children to leave!

5) Provo River

Location: Provo Canyon
Price: FREE-if you have equipment.  If not, you can go HERE for various pricing.

provo riverprovo river 2For their anniversary this year, Natashia and her husband kayaked down the Provo River and had a blast! Provo river is a great place to tube, canoe, or kayak. It is also a great place to fly fish. The river has minimal rapids and shallow areas so it can be a great river to take the family on. There are multiple companies who provide equipment if you are interested in renting. Be sure to enjoy the smooth ride down the Provo River with its beautiful views and green atmosphere in Provo Canyon.

6) Shops at Riverwoods Splash Pad:

Location: 4801 N. University Ave., Provo, UT 84604
Price: FREE

Shops at Riverwoods Splash PadShops at Riverwoods Splash Pad 3If you are wanting to take little ones swimming, then the splash pad located on the west end of the Shops at Riverwoods is the perfect venue for you! Due to it’s smaller size, adults are able to easily keep track their kids something we personally appreciate. And, though it may be small, this splash pad is full of different features that easily keep children happy and entertained for a long period of time.

What is your favorite swimming venue in Provo?

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