Ogden Temple Open House


Ogden-TempleSue and I had a chance to attend the Ogden Temple Open House. It’s a beautiful temple and Ogden has done a fabulous job preparing for the impact of the open house.

Ogden expects over 700,000 visitors to the temple open house and views this as the biggest event in Ogden’s history (even bigger than the Olympics). Watching Ogden has us all thinking about the Provo City Center Temple open house. It’s not a stretch to think that if Ogden has 700,000 visitors we could exceed that by a large number.

The Provo City Center Temple should be complete around the end of 2015. Are we ready and how will it impact Provo? Great questions that we’ll be considering over the next few months.

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  1. Aaron Skabelund

    Mayor Curtis, When you visited Ogden, did you see how the city has completely transformed Grant Avenue into a street designed primarily for pedestrians and bicyclists and did so purposely in time for the temple rededication. (http://www.standard.net/Local/2014/07/12/City-rebuilding-Grant-Avenue-for-pedestrians-and-bikers.html) I would like something like this to happen in Provo by the time of the dedication of the City Center Temple. How about coin something like putting down enhanced sharrows with green paint on Center Street between First East and Fifth West. The Ogden city engineer is quoted in the article as saying the new Grant Avenue “is going to be something that will help sell Ogden.” The city administrator said, “we think its going to be a signature street. Something that will be looked at as an icon.” Let’s do something similar here in Provo, whether that be enhanced sharrows or something else innovative.

  2. Aaron Skabelund

    “Something else innovative” and practical would be make infrastructural improvements to make it easier and safer for pedestrians and bicyclists to get from the Frontrunner Station to the City Center Temple. And hopefully UTA frequent buses running. Wouldn’t it be awesome if this was an open house the masses could attend via mass transit, on foot or by bicycle? With no worries about traffic jams and parking, visitors could just enjoy this wonderful event and would be much more apt to visit downtown Provo again and again.

    1. This is a great idea! People walking from the frontrunner to the temple basically go straight through the worst part of Provo (300 S and University Ave. area). I would love to see improvements to this area.

      1. RBP

        If you want to see improvements to the area, dig into your own pocket to buy up the property and make the improvements, but leave the city and the taxpayers out of it. We are already paying for enough ill conceived attempts by the city to mold Provo into someone’s elitist utopian dream.

  3. Kathy

    Grant Avenue is the equivalent of 1st North or 1st South or 1st East or West in Provo. A side road to begin with it runs parallel to the main roads. They took a two block stretch and made the driving lanes smaller, they did not close the road to cars. they did not put sharrows on Washington! They found a way to make a nice place for bikes and pedestrians on the west side of the temple away from the major thoroughfares. Provo has already effectively given up quite a lot of 1st south to the temple and to NuSkin. 1st East is also closed to vehicular traffic is it not? I do not believe that these sharrow will work anywhere in this city until it is either/or. Either bikes are pedestrians and stay on sidewalks or bikes are vehicles and obey all vehicular traffic laws including using driving lanes properly at intersections rather than zipping up the wrong side of the street and through the lights in the crosswalks.

  4. Please stop the stupid BRT plan from going ahead that will be an ugly looking disaster tearing up all the trees on both sides of University Ave to widen the road just so they can put the bus stops down the middle of the road which is bloody ridiculous and would put riders in more danger getting on and off buses! Besides what a huge waste of $150 million dollars which will not change or improve the current bus route!

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