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Last week Utah Valley Magazine asked me to give them a selfie. I had never given selfies much thought and assumed it was an easy ask. I soon learned that I hate selfies. I couldn’t find a single pose that did anything but distort my face and make me look dorkish. I even asked if I could just submit a selfie of my feet showing off my socks but their response was, “The sock selfie will work as long as it was taken by your socks.”

With this experience in mind I decided to launch the first Provo Selfie Contest! The rules are simple. You must take the picture of yourself with camera in hand (no mirror shots). Those of you with long arms have a huge advantage. The picture must be taken somewhere in Provo – the more iconic the better. Share your selfie on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook by using the hashtag, #ProvoSelfie by August 22nd. I will choose a winner by selecting the best selfie.

The winner of the Provo Selfie Contest will get to invite a friend to have lunch with me somewhere in Downtown Provo + win the new #ProvoRocks shirts that have been designed for the September Rooftop Concert!

BTW, with a little research on Wikipedia I learned that the first selfie was Robert Cornelius in 1839. As strange as it sounds because the process was slow, he was able to uncover the lens, run into shot for a minute and then replace the lens cap. 

///////////////////////////////////////////// WINNERS!

There were two people who really went above and beyond during the Provo Selfie Contest. They put a lot of creative thought into their pictures and took the time to capture their selfies around town. Congratulations Sara Taylor and Dieter Walters for winning a Downtown Provo Lunch and new #ProvoRocks shirts! You will be getting an email soon about your prize details. Thank you for everyone who participated!

Sara Taylor

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Dieter Walters

10616379_577571062352587_1157660813_n 10569980_1488159018093715_1750508442_n 10598201_1453084378295071_2024547165_n 10554121_771564669556927_311796776_n 927145_764037803648074_1961842512_n 926567_353615914787713_1910239933_n

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