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I get quite a few requests each week from local events or businesses asking to be featured on the community section of my blog. I love that the Provo Mayor Blog can be a place to highlight one of Provo’s independent restaurants, give a shout-out to an exceptional Provo resident, or create some buzz for an upcoming event. The quality of life here in Provo is unbeatable, the innovation is vibrant, and the people who live, work, and play in Provo are the reasons why we are being recognized nationally. There are so many amazing things going on in Provo and I want to be able to share them on my blog.

Because I get many requests, I have made the process to be featured a little easier. There is now a page on the Provo City website where you can easily submit a Blog Post Request. Click on the link or simply go to » Government » Mayor’s Office » Blog Post Request. From here you can enter in your contact information, select the type of request, and include all of your blog post details. Once your form has been submitted and reviewed, the Mayor’s Office will contact you about your blog post request.

Blog Request

Type of Blog Post Requests

Community Event
The community section of my blog is a great place to highlight all of the fun things to do in Provo. If you are hosting an event in Provo and would like to get the word out, please let me know. Include your event details, website and contact information, and any pictures you would like to share. A great example of a community event I’ve shared on my blog is the Provo Spring Festival.

Business Feature
If you have a business or restaurant in Provo, I would love to share a review on my blog. This can also be a great opportunity for your business to host a giveaway or provide Provo blog readers with a discount or coupon to your store. A great example is Sodalicious.

Resident Highlight
If you know of a Provo resident who is doing great things, I would love to highlight their efforts on my blog. A great example is Joan Syme’s Lending Library.

Employee Shout-out
I like to give shout-outs to exemplary Provo employees. If you have a fun story you would like to share on my blog, please let me know. A great example is the Provo Police Officer who received an Iron Man Sticker.

Guest Post
From time to time I like to have guest posts on my blog. If you feel like you have a fun story, a cool list, or experience that you would like to share and it relates to Provo, submit a Guest Post request. A great example is Provo’s Top 8 Photo Locations.

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