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Are you on the look out for fun things to do in Provo? Or do you want to follow Provo’s music scene or local artists? There are so many events, restaurants, artists, photographers, and bands in Provo that it can sometimes be tricky to stay in touch with everything. There are a few sites and Facebook groups that have been created to help residents stay in the loop and be better informed on all of the cool things happening in Provo. I have put together a helpful list of sites that I recommend following. Check ’em out:

The Provo Scene

The Provo Scene was created to help Provo residents stay in touch with local events. The site is dedicated to “things to do in Provo”. They even have a free weekly newsletter you can sign up for to receive weekly updates of local events in Provo. This site keeps you in the loop on all of the local events happening every week in Provo. Check out the site for yourself at

Provo Scene

Indie Provo

Indie Provo was created to highlight everything that is going on in Provo! From music, art, photography, film, food, and fashion – Indie Provo covers it all. Scroll through their home page and check out all of Provo’s creative professionals, follow their news feeds, and stay up to date with local news and events. You can sign up for their free newsletter, browse their event calendar, and even shop online for provo products. Check out the site at

Indie Provo

Provo Buzz

Provo Buzz is a great place to get the latest Provo news and discussions. The site has an open online community for Provo’s local tech and startup scene. You can stay up to date with local issues, provo life, music scene, local food, sports, and local job openings. The site is also organized by categories including: college life, provo culture, local issues, provo music scene, tech & startups, etc. Join the community and trending conversations at

Provo Buzz

Best in Provo

Best in Provo is a Facebook group created to share your experiences and favorites for dining, entertainment and more in Provo. Been to a great restaurant? Tell us. Seen a play? Tell us. Found a little out of the way spot you are ready to tell the world about? Tell us. And tell your friends to come join the discussion. Check out the group at

Support Downtown Provo

Support Downtown Provo is a Facebook group dedicated to friendly discussion about projects and ideas regarding downtown. The group is working to create a strong community where people passionate about the downtown feel comfortable communicating like they’re talking to a new friend rather than joining an arduous debate or posting a letter to the editor. Check out the group at

You Know You Are From Provo When…

You Know You’re From Provo When is a Facebook group where you can share your memories or current events happening in Provo. Check out the group here »

Provo Mayor Blog

I try to make sure this blog is also a great place to stay up to date on all the fun things to do in Provo. You can explore the community button at the top of my page – this is where you can find all of the current events happening in Provo. You can also click on the “Fun things to do in Provo” button on the left side of my blog. You will be able to browse through all of the fun year-round activities offered in Provo and maybe get some fun ideas for date-nights or family night activities.

What is your favorite site that you follow to stay in the loop and be better informed on all of the cool things happening in Provo? Do you follow any sites that I haven’t listed? Let me know in the comments.

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