Free Trees for Provo Residents

shutterstock_12603265Got central air conditioning? If your answer is yes and you are a Provo resident then Provo City Power would like to help you lower your electric bill and energy consumption by offering you a free tree! Provo Power gives away trees once a year to shade homes and reduce energy consumption for their Trees for Energy Conservation Program.


  1. Have central air conditioning in your home.
  2. Sign up for your free tree at and submit the online form located under Trees for Conservation. Once determined that you are eligible, a voucher for your free tree will be emailed to you. There is a limited supply and trees will be given out on a first come-first serve basis to customers that qualify. (All forms must be submitted no later than Tuesday, September 2nd – no vouchers will be processed after that date.)
  3. Pick up your free tree on September 10th, 2014 at 300 West 700 North in Provo, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Pre-approved names and addresses will be verified. The trees will be located on the west side of the power plant. Provo City Power Representatives will be available to help you and answer any questions you may have. Tree species selection is on a first come-first serve basis.

*Residents that have received a tree in in the last three years will not be eligible for a tree this year.

Approximately 20 different tree species will be available to select from. Be sure to follow Provo Power on Facebook for more information. A list of trees that will be available that day will be posted 1 week before the event. You can also find more information about various tree species on the Provo City Forestry Division’s Tree Selection Guide.

If you have questions regarding this program or eligibility, you can call our office at 801-852-6852.

Trees Help Reduce Energy Costs

Trees act as a natural air conditioner – reducing heat and reflection from the sun’s hot rays. When the right tree is planted at the proper site, trees can be as beneficial as other energy saving home improvements including insulation, weather stripping, and shade screens. Cooling costs can be reduced 30-50% by proper placement of trees around buildings, air conditioners, and paved areas. Also, lawns shaded by trees use 30-50% less water.

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  1. Tree curious

    Can I recieve a tree if my home has a swamp cooler or window mount ac units? Seems like that would save energy also.

    Also income wise, homes with central air probably have a higher income. A free tree would benefit a home with a lower annual income more.

    Can you address this please.

    1. John

      The purpose of the program is to cut energy consumption. Homes with central air use significantly more power than homes with swamp or window mount ac units. During the hotter months the Energy Department has to run the generators at the power plant to offset the peaking power.

      If customers didn’t use their central air units as much during the day then there would be an overall reduction in power usage. If customers who use swamp coolers/wall mount air conditioners choose not to use their unit during the day it doesn’t significantly affect the power load for the utility.

  2. Joey Hansen

    So my question does not have anything to do with trees, but I am going to ask it anyways. I am wondering if there is any word on what the next #provorocks shirt will be. I really love these shirts. Even though I am a transplant citizen for the next couple of years, I am proud to call Provo my home. Everyone back home asks me to send them shirts, so you’re defiantly doing something right with these.

    1. John

      Hey Joey,

      I’m glad you have been loving the shirts. We will be announcing the new designs on Monday, so stay tuned!

    2. John

      Since Monday is Labor Day – we will now be making the t-shirt announcement on Tuesday.

  3. Joey Hansen

    “Shirts,” does this mean there will be more than one design this month?

    1. John

      Yes, there will be three shirt designs!

  4. Just a thought

    Three shirt design awesome! I can’t wait to see them. Set my reminder on my phone to read the Blog again on Monday. I look forward to the rooftop concert series every month, it is so much fun, good times, sweet clothes, and I think there is music.

    1. John

      Since Monday is Labor Day, we are now going to make the shirt design announcement on Tuesday.

  5. John

    Got a tree two years ago. It’s really starting to grow this year. This is a really nice program…

  6. rachelle nielson

    please send me an application to get a free tree

    1. John

      To sign up for your free tree log on to and submit the online form located under Trees for Conservation.

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