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Did you know that Provo Parks & Recreation Department offers a variety of life-enrichment programs to the public? This September, a variety of new classes will be offered for the aspiring or avid outdoorsman, the artistic, the culinary, and the linguist. Classes are offered to youth, adults, seniors, and individuals with disabilities.

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Flyfishing (For ages 18+)

Fall is one of the best times to catch and release on the Provo River. Learn how to fly fish or hone your skills in this introductory course. Learning to fly fish with can be fun and Parks & Rec can make it easy. We have all the gear for you to test out this sport, or you can bring your equipment and learn to maximize its performance. Our instructor, Doug Wixom, has fly fished all over the world, has been featured on channel 13 news, and is one of the most experienced fly fishers of the Provo River. Join us as we learn everything needed to embark on a lifetime of angling enjoyment, whether you plan to fish in the Provo River or stalk sailfish off Baja.

Fly Fishing

This class starts September 9th, so sign-up soon! This class will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-7:30pm, with a final Saturday session on the river September 20th.

Other outdoor programs for ages 14+ starting soon include: Introduction to Backpacking, Outdoor Yoga, Dutch Oven Cooking, and Bouldering.

Art in Nature (Ages 12-17)

Take your love for art into the outdoors as you explore making art from recycled materials and create nature-inspired individual and group projects. Projects include making your own paper and bookbinding them into journals, nature sculptures and photography, printmaking, and group collages that can be displayed in the community.

Art in Nature

This class was inspired by recent literature and research that depicts a need for adolescents to better connect with the world around them. Many community partners and educators are coming together to offer this unique program. Throughout the session, participants will gain leadership skills through learning objectives connecting humans with themselves, nature, and each other. Art, environmental education and service-learning are the means of interpretation for this program. This class is for the young and creative aspiring artist who finds meaning through self-expression. This class starts next week so sign up now at

Other art programs include painting and illustration for adults as well as youth art classes for varying ages and levels of ability and interest.

Triathlon Training (Ages 18+)

The Recreation Center’s triathlon program starts Saturday, September 6th and lasts 12 weeks. It will incorporate everything you need to complete a triathlon. It always helps to have a group to train with. Whether you are a beginner or a well-versed triathlete, this class can cater to your individual needs AND schedule. Register here.

Competitive Pool

If you want to come check out the first class before you sign-up, check out orientation at the Provo Recreation Center on Saturday, September 6th at 7:30am. If you have any other questions contact Alicia Christensen at

Seasonal Cooking (Ages 14+)

The Provo Recreation department has a couple plots at one of the local community gardens. A youth educational program called the Kids’ Cooking and Garden Club has been planting and sustaining vegetables all summer long. Now is the time for harvest! In this unique class, our instructor will guide you through the process of harvesting and cooking seasonal foods. You will also learn about the impacts of eating seasonally, unique facts about the history of ingredients, and numerous healthy recipes that you didn’t know were even possible!

Cooking Class

Some recipes include making your own pumpkin steamers, pies and fries, pickling, making pizza with vegetable-base crusts and sauces, among so many others. Each week will be focused on a different vegetable in the garden and multiple uses that it has. This class is great for anyone that wants to support their local farmers markets and have a more sustainable lifestyle.

Other cooking classes that will be starting this fall include Dutch Oven Cooking, Cake Decorating, cultural themed evenings such as Polish, Indian and Japanese sushi-making at our World Culture Tour event, Parent/Child Cooking courses, and youth Kids’ Cooking and Kids’ Cooking and Garden Club. Check them all out at

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