Provo Shatters the World Record for Largest Scavenger Hunt!

We did it! We shattered the Guinness World Record for Largest Scavenger Hunt! Congrats to everyone who participated in Passport to Provo. We more than doubled the previous world record with 2,079 participants who completed the hunt! What an amazing day! We had families and students exploring downtown Provo, discovering new businesses, completing service projects and donating food, appreciating Provo’s arts and culture scene, and celebrating all that Provo has to offer.

I would like to thank all of the event sponsors – Provo City, Google Fiber, Downtown Inc, and Cotopaxi. Downtown Provo Inc worked and coordinated with all of the downtown businesses — Dave’s Bernina, Window Box Gallery, Unhinged, High Stepping Shoes, Allen’s Camera, Velour Live Music Gallery and many more. Cotopaxi provided many volunteers, prizes, and fun tasks for the hunt and without Google Fiber this event could not be possible.

Don’t forget, this is the last week to sign up for Google Fiber for only $30! In Kansas City, it costs residents $300 to sign up for Google Fiber but in Provo, Google has promised to offer a fiber connection, plus their Free Internet plan, for $30 to everyone who signs up during the first wave of local installations.

The current sign up period will be the last chance to get fiber for $30.  Google’s future construction fee will most likely be closer to the $300 being charged in Kansas City. Sign up by September 20, 2014 to take advantage of the low fee!

Sign up now:

Certificate of participation

Now that we are part of an elite group of Guinness World Records title holders, scavenger hunt participants can purchase their own official Guinness World Records Certificates of Participation at

Use verification code:

  • ID:140801-16138
  • Code: cnhr1862CN

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