Provo Residents Rock!

Provo 311

Provo City’s Annual Customer Appreciation Week is Monday, October 6, 2014 – Friday, October 10, 2014. To celebrate and thank our awesome residents and customers, Provo 311 (Customer Service Division) is giving out FREE ice cream from 10:00 am till 4:00 pm, every day of Customer Appreciation Week!

They will also be handing out free promo items, 311 information packets, and info on all of the services they provide.

Come celebrate with us and stop by the City Center Lobby (351 W Center Street) this week to get some free ice cream!

311 Giveaway

I am excited to reveal Provo’s awesome 311 shirt! If you would like to win one – then today could be your lucky day! I’m giving away shirts to 5 lucky readers! All you have to do is leave a comment telling me your favorite place in Provo to get ice cream.

I will select 5 lucky winners from the comments. Good luck!

Provo 311 Shirt


///////////////////////////////////// Winners!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 5.20.04 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 5.20.45 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 5.21.27 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 5.21.52 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 5.22.35 PM

Congratulations Tammy, Courtney, Jonathan, Juan, and Eden!! You each won a Provo 311 shirt! We will contact you by email so you can redeem your prize!

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  1. Clem

    Rita’s Ice!

  2. SJA

    The BYU Creamery is hands down the best ice cream in town!

  3. Alif

    So many great places to get ice cream in Provo. There’s Sumos on 900 E, Rita’s behind CVS, Macey’s for a GINORMOUS Kong Cone, BYU Creamery, Baskin Robins, but probably my favorite is Sub Zero at Brigham’s Landing or in Provo Town center. It’s like Ice Cream and a liquid nitrogen show.

  4. Jakota

    Sub zero most interesting! But DQ always always has my taste buds going!

  5. JUAN

    I really like getting my dose of ice cream at Spoon it Up by BYU. Although,it’s more forzen yoghurt than ice cream.

  6. Nick

    Rita’s Ice is the place to get your frozen treats in Provo.

  7. BYU Creamery – all the way. I just can’t give it up…

  8. Lucy C.

    BYU’s creamery!! and shakes from JCW’s

  9. Leah C

    Snow cones are my cold treat of choice (Sweet Turtle Shave Ice) but I love me some soft serve Macy’s ice cream too!

  10. Dieter W

    Stan’s Drive-In! They have some of the best ice cream shakes and the price is just right!

  11. Jen

    The creamery for the classics and Subzero for a special twist!!!

  12. Sabrina Holbrook

    BYU creamery is my favorite place to get ice cream in Provo! The Cherry nut divinity is divine!

  13. Kari W.


  14. Caitlin S

    BYU Creamery!

  15. Georgia

    BYU Creamery. But let me tell you, we seriously need to persuade Dolce Amelia to relocate to Downtown Provo. Make em an offer they can’t refuse.

  16. Aaron Frost

    Los Hermanos Fried Ice Cream is the best!!!!!

  17. Rachel

    I just went to Mooyah’s that just opened off Bulldog . . . my idea of a shake happens right there. If you don’t count shakes though, I’d say Macey’s (awesome, cheap ice cream) or BYU Creamery (awesome, good ice cream)

  18. afton

    BYU creamery duhhh

  19. Jonathan Scott

    BYU Creamery hands down has been in the business for a long time and has a great selection of flavors at a reasonable price.

    I also have to say that Rita’s Rice is a nice place but they need to keep their music down at night. Also, the people who visited that ice cream shop were extremely rowdy and very noisy. I lived across the parking lot and never was able to sleep before midnight since that place went up this summer. I moved because of it so I don’t have hard feelings anymore but it was frustrating at the time.

  20. Chris

    Sammy’s by far! I’ve been to LaBeaus several times up in Bear Lake but Sammy’s triple berry shake is to DIE for! Plus Sammy’s is buy one get one free on Tuesdays, in other words where I take all of my dates 😉

  21. Amber

    Rita’s! It became a tradition for my girls and me after BYU creative dance class. (That shirt needs to be photographed on someone in front of Main Street, USA at Disneyland. I can make that happen in two weeks…if only I had the shirt.) 😀

  22. Lisa

    Ike’s Creamery at The Shops at Riverwoods!! If you haven’t had their Blue Bell Ice Cream yet, run!! It’s the best!

  23. Scott P

    Kong Cones at Macey’s is the favorite place to stop for our kids!

  24. Collin


  25. Julia

    Our family loves the Creamery! Though I love Sammy’s and Cold Stone! So many great places for ice cream around here!

  26. Rhonda Miller

    BYU Creamery!

  27. Justin H.

    The BYU Creamery takes the cake on this one.

  28. Johana


  29. Lisa

    rita’s ice!

  30. JeannetteM

    BYU Creamery!

  31. Creamery. But we need a non-mall ice cream spot in south Provo. East Bay?!

  32. Emily


  33. Rebecca

    Ike’s at the Provo Beach Resort!

  34. Hanna Ockey

    BYU Creamery- Graham Canyon ALL THE WAY

  35. Javin W.

    Shakes from jcws or BYU creamery

  36. Jim Moss

    Rita’s Italian Ice

  37. Sean

    BYU Creamery for the win!!! Their coconut joy ice cream….I can’t even….*heavy breathing.

  38. Jennifer


  39. Rainer

    Anywhere that offers licorice ice cream! That aside, BYU Creamery!

  40. Liz


  41. Nick T

    Rita’s Ice

  42. Paulie D.

    Rocky Mountain Drive-In

  43. Steve Mott

    I’d like to offer up a unique response, but it’s got to be the BYU Creamery if I’m being honest!

  44. Dave

    Rocky Mountain Drive In use to have great shakes.

  45. Ladd

    Dairy Queen and BYU Creamery on 9th!!

  46. Mary White

    Milkshakes are my preferred ice cream consumption, and Mooyah’s has some good ones!

  47. Jonathan Cox

    Ike’s @ Provo Beach Resort. I love Blue Bell Ice Cream. It is the best!!!

  48. Juan P. Nuila

    I love the creamery, but I am soooo glad Rita’s is in Provo now!

  49. Parker

    JCW’s Shakes!

  50. Julie Schonlau

    BYU Creamery & Swig!

  51. Kailee C

    Sub zero all the way!!!!

  52. Melissa S

    Maceys! They have the best ice cream cones!

  53. Kayli

    Byu Creamery!

  54. Kami bird

    Love the shirts. Very proud to be a Provo resident. We were in downtown LA this weekend and I told my husband the downtown Provo restaurants are better than this.

    1. Kami bird

      Oh love Sammys

  55. Paula

    Creamery On 9th of course!

  56. Christopher

    I hate to sound like an echo of all previous statements, but the BYU creamery will always hold a special place in my heart. When I was getting my degree working as a therapist intern across the way at the Taylor building, that place became a second home…and sadly a contributor to a few extra pounds. (hopefully there are some XXL shirts in the mix?)

  57. Christopher M

    I hate to sound like an echo of everyone else, but I have to say the BYU Creamery on 9th. While getting my degree, and working as a therapist intern across the street at the Taylor building, the Creamery became a second home. It also contributed to a few extra pounds. (Hopefully there are some XXL shirts in the mix.)

  58. Taryn

    BYU creamery!

  59. Sharon

    Smith’s label chocolate cherry almond

  60. Marc

    Sammy’s Pie Shakes are the ice cream treat of choice!

  61. Jennifer O

    Dairy Queen. Yumm!

  62. Joyce A

    We love the BYU Creamery.

  63. Tammy

    Ok that is not an easy thing to do. Macy’s is a fun place to go with your kids and watch their eyes the first time they get a Kong Kone. BYU Creamery has the silkiest freshest ice cream. Good for parities and celebrations. But if you want to have some fun / Science with your ice cream you would go to Sub Zero. Fun mixins go to Cold Stone. Its pretty endless Provo is an Ice cream haven. 🙂

  64. Jamie Styer

    We have been going to the Malt Shoppe for years! We love their thick shakes and mix-ins!

  65. Maren

    Personally, I love Moose Tracks ice cream, and so far, I’ve only found that in grocery stores like Macey’s and Smith’s… 🙂

  66. Perla

    Byu creamery!!

  67. Mindy Hudnall

    Stand diner on 9th!!

  68. Julie

    Cold stone!

  69. Julie

    BYU creamery and provo beach resort (blue bell ice cream!)!!!!

  70. Spencer Streuper

    Wendy’s can’t beat a frosty….

  71. Caitlin p

    Cold stone!

  72. Jamin

    Creamery on 9th!

  73. Cassidee F.

    Cold Stone is delightful! But so are the Malt Shoppe shakes. I just love ice cream in general.

  74. Courtney F.

    The Utah Valley Hospital has amazing shakes and ice cream! Another good one for shakes is JCW’s. Since Provo has so many great places to quench a sweet tooth, it’s hard to choose just one.

  75. Emily

    I’m going with the Creamery on 9th!

  76. Sara

    Definitely Rita’s

  77. Jodi

    Cold stone!

  78. Aaron

    Sammys!!! Pie Shakes are a highlight of living in provo!

  79. Renae Deighton

    Stan’s Drive-In! They have the best everything.

  80. A-A-Ron

    Creamery on 9th, so many memories.

  81. Michelle

    When I need a good ice cream, I usually go to the creamery!

  82. Does gelato from Gloria’s count? Because that’s heaven on earth. Creamery ice cream also never fails me.

  83. Ryan

    Provo Beach Resort. The only place in Utah that I know you can find Bluebell ice cream

  84. Jennifer Durrant

    Baskin Robins for me! LOVE ice cream.

  85. Nicole H

    Creamery on 9th is my jam.

  86. Emily Shepperd

    Well now I know there are so many graet places to get ice cream, I’ll be honest-the king kones at Macey’s are so yummy! I’ll definitely be trying out these others places I’m seeing in the comments though!

  87. tottie

    Kong kone from macey’s is where it’s at!

  88. Gaby

    Creamery on 9th is my family’s favorite place to eat ice cream

  89. Nancy

    BYU creamery no doubt! Best hot fudge ever!

  90. Maren Washburn

    I don’t really like ice cream, does my extra dirty Sodalicious count since it’s half and half?! 🙂

  91. Mallory

    Jcw’s for the win!

  92. Craig

    BYU Creamery!!!!

  93. Brandon Reas

    BYU Creamery!

  94. Nina Dreiling

    Agreed! Creamery!

  95. E

    Gelato at Gloria’s Little Italy!

  96. Tyler Richards


  97. jared

    Los hermanos fried ice cream is hard to beat!

  98. Maria


  99. mayra

    Zub Zero in provo

  100. Lucy

    Definitely byu creamery!!! Maybe you can have your own flavor!!!

  101. For soft serve Macey’s is the best. For scoops, BYU Creamery.

  102. Rebecca Pipkin

    BYU creamery.

  103. Lisa

    Los Hermanos -fried ice cream of course!

  104. Amber Showgren

    My kids love BYU Creamery!

  105. Lisa

    Oh my goodness, when it comes to ice cream I can’t resist! I love it so much! I love LOVE Subzero, but BYU creamery ice cream is my favorite. Strawberry Sundae Crunch all the way!

  106. Austin


  107. Kimberly

    JCWs Reeses Shake is soo delicious!!

  108. Andrea

    Chick-fil-a cookies and cream milkshake!

  109. Jerraine

    Kong Cone at Macey’s!

  110. Renae Golding

    Sub Zero! Great Ice Cream created by a local family!

  111. Jared Hindmarsh

    The BYU Creamery is the best ice cream in town, Maceys would be the 2nd on my list, Heaven knows I’ve had a few kong cones in my lifetime.

  112. David Schultz

    I just got my free ice cream and car charger! Best appreciation ever. Thank you very much!

  113. Amelia

    BYU Creamery.

  114. Blaine Harris

    If I could get Ice cream at Sodalicious I would go there but if it’s Ice Cream i would have to say is’t got to be Level Edwards Vivid Vanilla at no other place than the Creamery on 9th.

  115. pam

    The creamery!!

  116. Lanelle Winn

    The creamery after hiking Y mtn.

  117. Tiff

    BYU creamery. A lot of nostalgia there…..

  118. Shane Rowley

    Our favorite place to get ice cream is at the City Center Lobby during Appreciation Week!! See you there! Thanks for everything!! Mr Rowley’s 3rd grade class at Lakeview Elementary!!!

  119. Maralie N

    Mmmm Sammy’s pie shakes!!!

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