Slate Canyon Trailhead


The long awaited Slate Canyon Trailhead is under development. Construction began in September and is planned to be completed by the beginning of December.

Enhancements include:

  • A paved access road
  • Utilities
  • A restroom
  • Improved trails
  • A pavilion and picnic sites
  • Access to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail

Access to this portion of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail will be limited due to the active construction activities. For safety, please be careful to avoid the construction area during the project. View the Trailhead Improvement Map to take a closer look at the project.

Trailhead Improvements Exhibit

For more information, visit

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  1. Dieter W

    That is some of the best news I’ve heard all day! SE Provo is getting some love!

  2. Beverly

    The map is so faint and blurry, it is impossible to see anything. We planned an all day hike 2 months ago for next week. Are the trails completely closed? Or can we still go if we are careful and follow a detour?

    1. John

      Beverly – Thanks for reading and posting. The image is unfortunately very faint. If you click on it, you can see the details a little bit better.

      The trail is not closed.


      1. Beverly

        Awesome! Thank you.

        I love it when the outdoors are made more user friendly! Restrooms at trail heads are always a good thing.

  3. trieste

    Thank you so much for this post! We love our little neighborhood and we are excited for this park!

  4. rob allen

    This looks like it will be a nice new park enhancing access and use of two great trails. Love it!

  5. Ginger

    Celebration all around! This canyon is awe-inspiring, although a steeper grade than Rock Canyon. Great cardio workout while getting an infusion of nature’s inspiration. A great get-away from city living. PROVO ROCKS!

  6. Guy Randle

    Thankyou for these improvements to the trailhead. Our system of trails in this valley is a tremendous boon to us as residents and also attracts many nature lovers from elsewhere.

  7. Nancy

    We are also super excited about the slate canyon trailhead, especially for mountain biking. We also heard that there would be a tennis court and play equipment. It’s hard to tell on the map—but we’re hoping that’s true!

  8. Hansen

    I moved to Provo a year ago. If you don’t mind me asking, where is Slate Canyon?

    1. John

      Hi Hansen,

      Slate Canyon Park will be located at 660 S Slate Canyon Dr. The Slate Canyon Trail crosses paths with the Bonneville Shoreline Trail and is located off of Slate Canyon DR. At the summit of Slate Canyon DR there is a sign for the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. Enter and stay right on the gravel road until you reach the parking lots and the sign for the Bonneville Shoreline trail. The Slate Canyon Trail heads east and the Bonneville shoreline trail heads north. The trail is approximately 3.7 miles where it connects into the Slide Canyon Trail. For more information about the trail:

  9. Beverly

    When it says enhancements include “improved trails” does that mean Slate Canyon Trail will be easier to hike on? Right now a lot of it is full of medium-large loose rocks which makes it treacherous. Hopefully there are plans to replace it with small gravel or even better would be to make it a dirt or paved path.

    There is already good access to the Bonneville Shoreline Trail there. I’m curious to know what will be “enhanced”?

    1. John

      Beverly – Would you like me to have one of our Parks employees contact you to talk about the specifics?


      1. Beverly

        Yes, that would be great! Thanks.

  10. Shannon

    Thanks, Mayor. It’s much appreciated.

  11. Josh

    This is great news. I hike in Slate Canyon often and have been watching the construction with interest. Now we just need to get the Forest Service to finish the trails at the top of Slate Canyon so you can actually hike _to_ somewhere cool up there without bushwhacking. (The trail basically falls apart once you pass the second springs.)

    The Bonneville Shoreline Trail also seems to fall apart once you get south of Slate Canyon. At least, I had a really hard time following it. North of Slate Canyon is much clearer and I was able to get all the way to Rock Canyon on my bike that way.

  12. Dan Harper

    Mayor. This is good news. But how can we be attempting to beautify Slate Canyon while turning a blind eye to Ivory Home’s desecration of the foothills above Seven Peaks. I am ashamed that Provo City is allowing such a travesty to go on under our noses. Daily, Ivory Home’s trucks are driving up Seven Peaks Boulevard and tearing the hillside apart for gravel to be carted off elsewhere. This area has turned into Provo’s shameful point of the mountain desecration. As a resident, I assumed my mayor and city council was monitoring what was going on in our city, and I wrongly believed Ivory Homes was preparing the hillside for new homes. However, that is clearly not the case. Instead, Ivory Homes has turned the hillside into a gravel pit. People rose up when such plans were proposed for Rock Canyon, but the Mayor and City Council seem to not be concerned about this environmental blight right here in our foothills. What does the Mayor and City Council have to say for themselves on this issue?

  13. Tim

    Please don,t pave the trail. Paved trails ruin the outdoors. Yes please change the directions so everyone doesn’t end up at the Y.

  14. Gabe

    An update on the progress, and maybe a current picture would be nice. 🙂

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