Provo #3 Best City for Successful Aging

Best for Aging

The Milken Institute has ranked Provo #3 for the Best City in the Nation for Successful Aging! Provo has drawn many older residents in recent years because of our healthy, engaged lifestyles and safe environment. According to Milken, Provo residents live healthy and active lifestyles, there is learning and enrichment in our vibrant economy, and there is safety, security, and a sense of community. See more of the ranking details below:

Healthy, active lifestyle

  • Low smoking and binge drinking rates.
  • Fewest diabetes cases among the 100 large metros.
  • Fridges of older adults stocked with fruits and veggies.
  • Low rate of injuries caused by falls.

Learning, enrichment in vibrant economy

  • High employment growth, but lower rank than in our 2012 results.
  • Top of the list in per-capita college enrollment. Community college availability per capita: strong performance.

Safety, security, and sense of community

  • Crime: Police sirens refreshingly rare.
  • Volunteerism rates: one of the top areas for giving back.

Read more about the ranking at:

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  1. joan

    Would you please post more of the anti-panhandling signs on Center with the updated city code?

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